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6 July 2013

TR Trading Between Fatih Sarac and Yasin A. Kadi


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A sends:

Trading Relations between Fatih Sarac and Yasin A. Kadi Paid it All

Fatih Sarac has become an Acting Director of Executive Board of Ciner Company in 2012. Surprisingly enough, right after that he was also appointed as the Acting Director of Executive Board, responsible for media at Haberturk.

Contrary to his lack of prior experience in media sector, Sarac was appointed by the Prime Minister as the leading person at Haberturk media. Yasin Al Kadi and Sarac became trading partners at the BIM Markets Chain. Such partnership befitted even more interesting because of Yasin Al Kadi's long-time reputation of being an infamous financer of jihadist movements.

MASAK (The Financial Crimes Investigation Board) report prepared on March 31, 2004 also confirms this undisclosed relationship between Sarac and Al Kadi. Furthermore their trading relations are not limited to one partnership. On the contrary these two gentlemen have had many trading relations through several companies. These companies include Caravan Foreign Trade Limited Company, Ella Film Production Industry, and Nimet Gida and Ahsen Plastic.

Throughout these partnerships, several financial transactions have occurred between Yasin Al Kadi and Fatih Sarac.

Prime Minister himself paved the way for Fatih Sarac in his business venture. Of course the payoff for Prime Minister in this endeavor came with a price, and that is to have a very strong influence over Haberturk media company.