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6 July 2013

US Secret Service Public Keys

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Type bits/keyID     Date       User ID

pub  2048R/918D1731 2012-12-20 David Dunn <>
	 Fingerprint=63B5 9209 EC6F 3155 9C06  9F35 8F64 0713 918D 1731 

pub  1024D/9188564E 2009-07-13 Ryan E. Moore <>
	 Fingerprint=8304 F472 092D FA66 C230  5EC5 2406 7B62 9188 564E 

pub  2048R/8B3920A3 2007-05-12 Ryan E. Moore <>
                               Ryan E. Moore <>
	 Fingerprint=CBCA 43E6 24F7 7A3C D5A1  71C0 56B9 225A 8B39 20A3 

pub  2048R/7BA3761B 2006-07-07 Jason B. Brown <>
                               jbbrown <>
	 Fingerprint=37F7 D781 A6B7 F09F 19EE  40C5 7E69 1712 7BA3 761B 

pub  1024D/DF74C6DD 2005-04-20 James Lee Guidry <>
	 Fingerprint=B927 4141 D49A D81D BF2D  DE2D DBF2 8B9B DF74 C6DD 

pub  1024D/64C0857A 2005-02-17 Thomas P. Dover <>
	 Fingerprint=1820 C30C 1AB2 3B4E 333B  9A3E 5425 36F2 64C0 857A 

pub  1024D/19A953B6 2005-01-15 Christopher B. LeFever <>
	 Fingerprint=1019 8962 EAF2 081A DC76  EA43 EAE5 EFE8 19A9 53B6 

pub  1024D/37B64A23 2004-10-02 Jason L. Berryhill <>
	 Fingerprint=622A 8E48 428B 6121 EF13  F320 8E8C 3415 37B6 4A23 

pub  1024D/8169010A 2004-07-27 JLutherPerry <>
	 Fingerprint=9F73 3CBE 11C4 DD2B E71D  6612 6C15 ECE9 8169 010A 

pub  1024D/3AF54BE2 2004-07-17 Anthony J. Kordich (071704) <>
                               Anthony Kordich <>
                               Anthony Kordich <>
                               Anthony J. Kordich <>
                               [user attribute packet]
	 Fingerprint=5DA3 C40C 0800 4CA8 5096  331C 3597 61FB 3AF5 4BE2 

pub  1024D/0ED92AF9 2004-04-21 Michael Dobeck <>
	 Fingerprint=EDB4 B513 D997 AE8B 301B  FAFC 9BFE 2A28 0ED9 2AF9 

pub  2048R/60BA191D 2004-04-09 Kristen Scowcroft <>
	 Fingerprint=58 26 0B 09 A9 D3 D6 FA  50 A5 80 A4 12 D9 45 AA 

pub  1024D/AFB2CB33 2003-10-03 David Iacovetti <>
	 Fingerprint=65E9 2B50 88C5 4470 4B52  A9D2 5AB7 F39C AFB2 CB33 

pub  1024D/44D44A85 2003-08-01 Al Lewis <>
	 Fingerprint=4FBD B3B9 5092 1DF6 680C  360F BB35 F0DE 44D4 4A85 

pub  1024D/F8F753BD 2003-07-29 Kristen Scowcroft <>
	 Fingerprint=4E0F C938 A978 20BB 61A1  E1B3 1BD8 EFC7 F8F7 53BD 

pub  1024D/B9B9C298 2003-07-21 Wayne Peterson <>
	 Fingerprint=F610 F927 C080 4B79 F25E  54B7 A446 05C6 B9B9 C298 

pub  1024D/CE46033C 2003-07-09 David W. Johnson <>
	 Fingerprint=D4C7 40BF 6E2B 8534 AA80  DE6E 4414 39CF CE46 033C 

pub  1024D/D3424B76 2003-06-11 John Lanzi <>
	 Fingerprint=2160 FE4D D2AD D39D C757  EE93 49EC 90C7 D342 4B76 

pub  1024D/81F892CC 2003-04-30 Al Lewis <>
	 Fingerprint=414A F2DB 44B2 5A9F 5F80  E2BF 32CD 1CE3 81F8 92CC 

pub  1024D/53CE8A5F 2002-10-08 Wayne Peterson <>
	 Fingerprint=243E 1AC2 3F7D 2ED5 3AC3  A50D 300E 23E7 53CE 8A5F 

pub  1024D/23C0E25F 2002-09-18 *** KEY REVOKED *** [not verified]
                               Wayne Peterson <>
	 Fingerprint=36B0 B2D4 28A0 C4A7 54FF  B2D2 3AFA 9865 23C0 E25F 

pub  1024D/BDD0DB04 2002-08-05 Enrique Valentin <>
	 Fingerprint=68E8 05B6 475F C58B 0D78  6A5C 4440 E1C6 BDD0 DB04 

pub  1024D/0A5B8863 2001-06-05 Cornelius Tate <>
	 Fingerprint=04CE BD27 1E65 ACD4 638B  D0E5 FC69 8C7D 0A5B 8863 

pub  1024D/A6F287C3 2000-01-01 Timothy E. Allen <>
	 Fingerprint=F379 6865 7450 5F65 1D28  EF7C F8F3 CC3F A6F2 87C3