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30 August 2013

Yasin A. Kadi Trade Connections


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Yasin A. Kadi: Trade Connections

A. Kadi, who came to Turkey in 1992, has established partnership with Fatih Sarac, Zapsu Family, Ulker Group and Mustafa Latif Topbas through companies, such as Ella Film Production, Caravan Foreign Trade Construction, Nimet Food, Ahsen Plastics, Stationery Business and Cleaning Supplies, Saglam Construction, and BIM United Markets. Mustafa Latif TOPBAS, Cuneyd ZAPSU and Fatih SARAC established the BIM United Markets in 1995. During the periods of his stay in Turkey, (when he was banned from entering country) A. Kadi had participated in the Board of Directors Meetings several times. While he is not one of the formally registered partners of the company, it is clear that he is one of the shareholders of BIM Markets.

A.Kadi’s cash need in Turkey is provided by Mustafa Latif TOPBAS over Albaraka, one of Turkish Participation Bank. At times, Topbas provides El Kadi with cash. The reports, prepared by MASAK, indicated that there have been money transfers via AL Baraka Turk Bank among AL Kadi and his partners in Turkey (especially Cuneyd Zapsu and Fatih Sarac became public).