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30 September 2013

Derwick Associates Alleged Venezuela Bribery

A sends:

The company that produced the video (Derwick Associates) basically stole nearly $3 billion from Venezuela through overpricing in power plants. It's a company that did not have any track record, anywhere in the world, when contracts were awarded by the Venezuelan State through payment of bribes and nepotism.

Journalists and critics have been trying to get copies of 12 contracts granted to Derwick (in a 14-month period), but this has been met with all manner of intimidation and repression from Venezuela's Intelligence Police and the highest officials from the Hugo Chavez regime (some of whom have received kickbacks from Derwick).

International partners of Derwick include American companies, such as ProEnergy Services, its subsidiary Energy Parts Solutions, while legal and PR services have been contracted from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas (from Tew Cardenas LLP), Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP, and FTI Consulting respectively.

Some of the money stolen has been laundered by JP Morgan.

More background here: (8.1MB)