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15 September 2013

NYPD Masterspy David Cohen Enemy of Democracy


This review is from: Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America (Hardcover)

5.0 out of 5 stars

David Cohen Enemy of Democracy, September 14, 2013

By John Young "Cryptome" (New York, NY)

David Cohen, NYPD spymaster, would whack these bleeping reporters if he knew how to shoot more than his filthy mouth. Lacking courage to operate openly Cohen will arrange a secret financial hit on their bank accounts, plant a bug inside Associated Press headquarters up the avenue from his spy hole on 10th Avenue at West 16th Street, and publicize another illusory conquest of terrorism to keep the funds of fear flowing.

Nothing frightens spies more than sunshine and, wow, has Apuzzo and Goldman shined the sun on Cohen's black underworld of deceit, lawlessness, avoidance of oversight, public unaccountability, laundering spy money through the vapidly named Police Foundation funded by black-hearted Wall Street, insults ad nauseum, vainglory, downright stupidity, all the characteristics of criminal global spyworld brought home to NYC as if the 1% had not already invited enough retaliation from victims of globalization.

Cohen, in short, by bamboozling with CIA credentials and tradecraft Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelley, the City Council and not least, Wall Street idolators, instituted a secret reign of terror among law-abiding Muslims in NYC, by exploiting predjudice of post-911 panic. How in the hell did this happen and why did it take so long to expose it? Easy answer, addiction to secrecy, the enemy of democracy, the god of spies, the sacred codebook for accumulating wealth.

Otherwise the book is a compelling account of the non-spying NYPD, the FBI and multiple police forces investigation and pursuit of would be bombers. Congratulations to the dutiful law-abiders which counter the few power-drunk off their rockers.