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10 October 2013

Bitcoin corp, USB stick GPG product

Critique of the product welcomed.

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 09:48:54 -0400
Subject: Bitcoin corp, USB stick GPG product
From: office[at]
To: cryptome[at]

I speak for No Such lAbs, a Bitcoin-based company dedicated to the production and marketing of a series of strong, fully integrated cryptography products, ensuring customers absolute immunity from third party attempts to access their data or communications. It is currently in pre-IPO on MPEx, the Bitcoin stock exchange ( )

It recently announced its first product, the Cardano, a custom made solid-state USB mass-storage device capable of generating GPG keys from on-board hardware RNG sources and using same to decrypt or sign messages securely. The design is highly insulated, making it impossible for the host computer to obtain the keys it uses. (For a detailed description see )

I would very much like to have the company, the product or both featured on your list. Is this at all possible ?

All the best,

Mircea Popescu