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8 October 2013

Canadian Communications Security Establishment Spied BR Ministry

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Ministry of Mines and Energy is in the crosshairs of American spies and Canadian

Fantastico had exclusive access to a document leaked by Edward Snowden, a former analyst at the National Security Agency of the USA.

10/06/2013 22h23 - Updated 07 / 10/2013 19h33

In this slide below, the introduction to the topic of the presentation: the Olympia program and a case study. Tool Knowledge Network of CSEC, Multiple Information Sources, enrichments Chained, Automated Analysis. Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME). A new target to be developed. Limited access. Knowledge of target.


The questions that the presentation seeks to answer:

"How can I use the information available in data sources signals intelligence to learn about the target?"

"What can I find to help me inform efforts to develop access?"

"Can I automate the analytical process and / or reuse analyzes created for other purposes?"

The acronym SIGINT is literally Signal Intelligence, a way of designating eavesdropping.


Here diagrams show how to identify the "target cell". At the foot of the slide, there are two numbers Brasilia and the numbering of their chips.


In this slide, the flow that gives the process that determines "the IPs with which it communicates my aim."


The next slide contains a table that shows the search result of IPs. Providers are countries like Thailand, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Canada.


In conclusion, the responsibility for submitting claims: "I identified the mail servers that were targeted by passive collection of intelligence analysts who are evaluating the value, origin etc. Traffic generated by mail servers."

The remaining lines report that at the time (June 2012) the agency worked to evaluate a possible operation passive observation (Man on the Side operation), which suggests it is a watch without interference and to deepen the analyzes of Ministry based on the network information obtained.