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28 November 2013. A sends:

Searching for Osth in the Cablegate cables turns up this:


Attendees include: Mr. Craig Osth (ORA)

ORA in this context probably stands for Office of Regional Affairs.

The State Department says it's part of them:

But a search for "Office of Regional Affairs CIA" shows many previous cases where ORA was used as a cover for a CIA operative:

* In Venezuela:

* In Pakistan: Ray Davis claimed to be with ORA (

27 November 2013

Alleged CIA Chief of Station Islamabad

A sends:

CIA station chief in Islamabad (named leaked) is Craig Peters Osth


> Pakistani political party nominates/names CIA station chief in Islamabad "Craig Osth" and John Brennan in police report for being culprits of drone attack in Hangu, Pakistan

> The name of the station chief has been revealed as Craig Osth, whose name is identical to one Craig Peters Osth, who was head of the CIA station in Brazil back in 1999. His name was leaked by the magazine Carta Capital which covered a story related to uncovering involvement of CIA officials bugging the telephones of then President Fernando Enrique Cardoso.

> Furthermore, according to the US Congressional Record of the 110th Congress (2007-08), Craig Peters Osth has been listed among the nominees to be "Consular Officers and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America".  It is mentioned he hails from Virginia.

> A search result showed there is only one individual named 'Craig P. Osth' who is resident of 11641 Charter Oak Ct, Apartment 30, Reston,VA-20190.

> He is an alumnus (Class Year: 1973) of the Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.

> Electronic Telegram Document # 1974STATE219742 dated 4 October 1974 from US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to American Embassy in Madrid, Spain, mentioning that Craig Peters Osth lived at Address: Calle M Valdes, 63-3, Madrid 15. Osth wrote to his parents that he did not receive package of medicine which he requested for earlier via mail.

Similar to above: Electronic Telegram Document # 1974MADRID06305 from American Embassy Madrid (Spain), dated 7 October 1974 [Ref: