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7 November 2013

Internet Is Greatest Trojan Horse


Media was banned at the conference "to encourage unguarded talk."

6 November 2013

At FedCyber today Cryptome said the Internet is the greatest trojan horse ever, inside global military, spies, government, civil society.

Cryptome said at FedCyber forcing DoD to undertake cybersecurity breaches military defenses.

Top DoD policy man said at FedCyber today joint cybersec by mil, gov and com is working. Cryptome said cybersecurity is a delusion.

Ex-NSA counsel advised cybersec firms at FedCyber today to make sure your lawyer goes to jail with you for cybersec fraud. Jail is certain.

Cryptome said at FedCyber today cybersecurity firms are defrauding customers and commiting crime on behalf of governments, agreeing with ex-NSA counsel.

Cryptome said at FedCyber today 75% of leaked and stolen secret data is black marketed. High classification, high leaks profit. Spy model.

Cryptome said at FedCyber today leakers use media to advertize holdings, arrange lucrative sales secretly. Spy model.

Cryptome said at FedCyber today that buildings are most vulnerable to spying, not COMINT and HUMINT. Spy facilites are highly porous. Each facility and SCIF emits UID signals. Spy HQs facility emissions easy to gather. TSCM overlooks most facility-inherent emissions. Architects ignorant of emissions.

Cryptome said at FedCyber today that spying data is too great and complex for analysis, media over-simplifies and dramatizes leaked material. Spy model.

Cryptome said at FedCyber today the NSA Utah Data Center is a subsidized surplus produce granary propping up a market. Its data will rot.

Ex-CIA Jose Gonzalez said at FedCyber today, social media has greatly simplied HUMINT. Once hard-risky field work is now done with a mouse.