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20 November 2013

NSA National Intelligence Priorities Framework V3

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 16:50:26 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: NIPF v3

In this version I have integrated 3 major sources: Der Spiegel Articles, The SIGINT Strategic Mission List, and Wikileaks Cablegate items into a unified document. Because this document contains information from different years, I have provided date information in a separate column. In instances where a country has been mentioned in several timeframes, I have made a new line for each date rather than attempt to merge data across timeframes. A key and supporting document have been provided. I have not yet had time to review today's (Nov 19) FISA declassified material for clues. If any are present they will be integrated accordingly.

Cablegate: there are 9 cables entitled "REPORTING AND COLLECTION NEEDS: (Country/region)". These have provided a great deal of information regarding the format of the NIPF and has allowed for much reworking of the column headers in my chart: adding, merging, renaming etc.. They have provided complete pictures of the priorities for a country or region and some details about terrorist/paramilitary groups.  They have allowed this document to take major strides in mimicking the genuine article. Dated 2008-2009. The GI Files (Stratfor) also had a few documents, (one of which was originally from Cablegate). The remaining were not useful to the chart reconstruction.

The Cablegate material is quite detailed, if you desire more information about a particular country I highly recommend reading the original cables for more.

Wikileaks Library of Diplomacy search link:[]=cg&q=NIPF&s=&qfconcept_hid

SIGINT Strategic Mission List: A January 2007 list of the SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) requirements heavily based from the NIPF. It is lacking in HUMINT (Human Intelligence) priorities. It is also generally lacking in country-specific information regarding intentions of leadership, terrorism, and demographics, health and a few other topics, except in the cases of Enduring Targets. The information in the Cablegate documents has enabled me to map the Missions to the NIPF format.

Der Spiegel: April 2013. Dribs and drabs of whatever seems important to tell in a particular article.