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10 November 2013:

Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2013 21:54:22 -0500
Subject: [Cryptome] About the CN mil thing
From: Percy DodgeXBrowns <setianx[at]>
To: <cryptome[at]>

Just so you know, I didn't call the GNAA Chinese interests. I figured it would be good to clarify:

- Kayla is the Chinese operative.

That is all I can speak for. I hope one day I can provide you with proof of that. There is an article on Infowars today citing the Chinese defence minister saying they do not do any hacking on August 19. Maybe it's important?

I also have written other works concerning the hacker cult of Anonymous. Some of them are not as good as I had hope, emotional outbursts at best, others (Such as the ones displayed here) are more real-data based. Please take care to note there are many camps within Anonymous, this one creates terrorism. I have studied them for some time (Mid-2011).

They also don't seem to be doing a whole lot other than their current charade. Tyler is going to be HUGE.

9 November 2013

Rustle League and GNAA Allegedly CN Military

Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2013 01:17:22 -0500
Subject: [Cryptome] Lawful Hacking
From: Percy DodgeXBrowns <setianx[at]>
To: <cryptome[at]>

You can publish this with the reply E-mail address.

I saw something you posted on your website, and I couldn't help but argue with the premise of posting it. Whoop-dee-doo, perhaps, but nonetheless consider that this PDF:

A few things wrong with this file:

- First, because I cannot see who sent it to you (No problems really, but it could be the hacker cult of Anonymous, I'll explain below), I have to leave a margin for the chance that it may be a file I do not want to download. Lo and behold, the Adobe update service on my PC opened up a few minutes after opening your copy of the paper. I've got protection which disables it (So I hope), but because of it's sporadic nature activating, I assume that the PDF reader software has a vulnerability. At any rate, it is an allegation which could be looked into. Moving on.

- Second, because the file I downloaded from Cryptome, which is the same draft, is approximately 1/4 of the size of the one I downloaded from another website ( I don't know if you compressed it, or it was compressed, but I'll leave that as a possibility. [Cryptome compressed the file.]

- Thirdly, because this article's appearance on Cryptome in particular stirs your audience in a particular way, and I disagree with it if it could be helped. Assuming you got this from some random dude, it's worth understanding alterior motives for this being made to happen.

So anyway, I want to elaborate on the hacker cult assumption. When Lulzsec died, and many of the members did their best to operate from a bot computer, through layers of proxy, and through cunning, they eventually came to form the Rustle League. Bear in mind these are people who assumed the power of Lulzsec at a time when the opportunity arose to control the mass of confusion (You cannot call Chanology a structured thing). This, and this is my allegation, was used by the Chinese military to assume control of terrorism under the disguise of Kayla, who was able to succeed and control the new organization, the Rustle League.

This shift championed many sub-events, such as the creation of Vince In The Bay, although he could have just created allegiance at some point, and the alliance between Rustle League and the Gay Niggers Association of America (GNAA for short, Wikipedia has more). They, assumably Chinese interests at work through Kayla and the GNAA, then created a scenario where they were able to create "sock puppets" to simulate real people. This is just the outer shell of this endeavour, which is visible if you observe it in motion. I assume the same has been done to you because of the convenience of this carefully placed "GPS device", if you will, which you may or may not have posted on Cryptome.

I should mention this may have been happening during the reign of Lulzsec. Not understanding the work of secret communications between the former members and the GNAA has potentially prevented law enforcement from understanding how this is linked with the original idea of Project Mayhem, and the creation of Tyler. This began floating around in 2006. It was noted that a simulated conversation was created on a hacking forum, where it was cleverly established that the "~el8" and the "pHC" were behind "pr0jekt mayh3m" or something similar. The objectives listed, which may or may not be valid, indicated that they wanted to create something like Tyler at this time.

This, of course, all draws back to the work of something abbreviated as the "IUA", or "International Underground Alliance".

So given the objects at work, you may be distributing a GPS locator to people on the internet because of espionage committed by the Chinese military. Take note I allege, but I justify. I'm willing to hear any come back and take it seriously. Nobody should be stupid as to not, given most fair conditions are existent.

- End