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9 March 2014

Jim Impoco Eyeball

A/K/A James A. Impoco, James Impoco.

'Newsweek' Editor: We Knew This Might Be a 'Shitstorm'

By Seth Fiegerman

Before Newsweek went ahead with publishing Leah McGrath Goodman's blockbuster article identifying the creator of Bitcoin, Goodman asked her editor an important question.

"Leah actually said to me, 'Are you ready for this? Are you ready for the shitstorm?'" Jim Impoco, Newsweek's editor in chief, recalled in a phone interview with Mashable on Friday. "And I said, 'yes.'"



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Jim Impoco Eyeball





Jim Impoco, the editor in chief, with Abigail Jones, a senior editor, in Newsweek's newsroom.




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