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16 January 2014

Freedom of the Press Foundation Comsec

Edward Snowden to join board of Freedom of the Press Foundation board:

The Freedom of the Press Foundation is made possible by the fiscal sponsorship of the Foundation for National Progress (also known as: FNP, MoJo, MJ, Mother Jones).


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pub  4096R/1189D46A 2013-11-01 Xeni Jardin <>
	 Fingerprint=399B 7C7F 4358 0F5F 00F0  96CA 7C8B EAD2 1189 D46A 

pub  4096R/DDF73B36 2013-10-28 Laura Poitras <>
                               Laura Poitras <>
	 Fingerprint=3217 C509 292F C670 76EC  D75C 7614 269B DDF7 3B36 

pub  4096R/B7C80DD7 2013-10-16 James Dolan <>
	 Fingerprint=A092 33AF D3A0 712A B7B0  854A 1F75 75C2 B7C8 0DD7 

pub  4096R/63C391FD 2013-10-15 John Cusack <>
                               John Cusack <>
	 Fingerprint=F7D7 F542 05E5 2B89 B3FC  8F94 9956 560A 63C3 91FD 

pub  4096R/BEFF4416 2013-10-06 Rainey Reitman <>
                               Rainey Reitman <>
	 Fingerprint=FBE8 E2D9 358A A08D 4B90  5093 48D5 11A5 BEFF 4416 

pub  4096R/ECD557FF 2013-10-03 Daniel Ellsberg <>
	 Fingerprint=C974 33E0 B9C3 C78D 90DC  3993 5C96 6981 ECD5 57FF 

pub  4096R/D3EF9CAE 2013-09-04 Garrett Robinson <>
                               Garrett Robinson (Work) <>
                               Garrett Robinson (FPF) <>
	 Fingerprint=5F9A 1D6B 7885 1B60 FC84  9131 464F 0A89 D3EF 9CAE 

pub  4096R/6701402B 2011-10-18 Trevor Timm <>
                               Trevor Timm <>
	 Fingerprint=0444 5561 515C BDAE D2BB  D47D 8BBC C9D2 6701 402B 

pub  4096R/99999697 2011-06-24 Micah Lee <>
                               Micah Lee <>
                               Micah Lee <>
                               Micah Lee <>
                               Micah Lee <>
                               Micah Lee <>
                               Micah Lee <>
	 Fingerprint=5C17 6163 61BD 9F92 422A  C08B B4D2 5A1E 9999 9697 

Mother Jones

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pub  2048R/2EC5522E 2013-12-08 AJ Vicens <>
	 Fingerprint=7A03 E4A9 CBBB A868 6933  C9EA 63F0 CD51 2EC5 522E 

pub  2048R/97DE881A 2013-12-06 Jonathan Friedman <>
	 Fingerprint=4A74 594B 3259 CFA0 9AE8  DBFE 80EA DA4D 97DE 881A