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22 January 2014

Guccifer Arrested

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A sends:

Hacker "Guccifer" was caught in Arad

Hacker "Guccifer" was caught Wednesday by prosecutors DIOCT, following a search in Arad. He is suspected of having broken into email accounts of public figures, including that of Director of SRI George Maior.

Prosecutors Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism - Central Structure with judicial police officers from the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, raided Wednesday Lazarus Lehel Marcel's house in Arad.

"In this case there is reasonable suspicion that during 2013, based on a single criminal charge, the accused LML accessed repeatedly and against the law, in violation of security measures, e-mail accounts belonging to public figures in Romania, in order to take possession of confidential data in email, then changed authentication passwords, thereby restricting user access to computer data such as in email," DIOCT said in a press release.

"Subsequently, the accused disclosed the content of the correspondence in public, and committed fraudulent damage in the online privacy and denigrating public image of the persons concerned," said DIOCT.

The accused had been sentenced before for similar offenses, being able to relapse after a suspended sentence, according to a source.

Specialist support was provided by the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Special Operations Division, with assistance by the United States.

Marcel Lazarus Lehel, who used pseudonyms "Guccifer" and "Little Smoke" accessed email accounts and the Facebook of public persons, including SRI director George Maior, Colin Powell, Bush and Rockefeller family members and officials of the Obama administration.

On February 8, 2012, hacker "Little Smoke" was sentenced to three years imprisonment with suspended sentence by the Court of Sector 3.

Marcel Lazarus Lehel unlawfully accessed email accounts and those on the Facebook belonging to employees of a public trust and media persons and then made public the photos of their private discussions.

On August 19, 2011, Marcel Lazarus Lehel, aged 40, was arrested for committing 25 offenses for accessing computer systems, 25 crimes without law amending and restricting access to data, 25 offenses of unauthorized transfer of data from a computer system and 15 offenses of violating secrecy.

He was charged that between October 2010 - July 2011, he accessed without law, in violation of security measures, e-mail accounts and accounts of the Facebook belonging Dragos Mos,tenescu, Corina Caragea, Laura COSO, Roxana Iva(nescu , Rona Hartner, Iliviu Les,u Daniela Aciu, Irina Reisler Capitanu Violeta Babliuc Monica Barbu, Lenut,a Aciu, Sarah Radulescu, Denisa Barboni Dragusanu Cristian Pulhac, Ada Milea, Youth Organization APDL, according to investigators.

As a mode of operation, Lazarus Lehel accessed user accounts through restricted systems for unauthorized copying of information, pictures and private correspondence stored in the accounts of invaded parties the DIOCT prosecutors have established.

He subsequently disclosed to the public content of the correspondence via social networking, posting on personal accounts created specifically for this purpose - "Little Smoke" and "pipes Theven" information and intelligence, i.e., photos, emails and other private discussions held by the invaded parties' social accounts and chat applications.

Among those affected by his actions "Guccifer" was actor Steve Martin and John Dean, former advisor to President Richard Nixon, actress Mariel Hemingway, three members of the House of Lords in the UK, Laura Manning Johnson, a former CIA analyst, George Roche, former Secretary of the Air Force, and President of MetLife (an insurance company).

According to some people the affected accounts were broken into from IP addresses in Greece and Russia, wrote

Hacker "Guccifer" claimed, in February 2013, theft of e-mail accounts belonging to members of the Bush family, correspondence disclosing personal affairs.

In August 2013, "Guccifer" posted on his Facebook page a link to an e-mail correspondence between former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and PSD MEP Corina Cretu .

"A traitor to the fatherland," the hacker wrote on Powell's Facebook page, attaching a link to a Google Drive emails received from Cretu Powell in 2010-2011, from his account on AOL.

In these emails, Cretu calls Powell, a native of Bronx, New York, "the love of my life" and suggests that she is writing about an earlier romance, according to

Former U.S. Secretary of State had to provide clarification about his relationship with Corina Cretu, after these revelations.

According to several publications, including The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, New York Daily News and U.S. television station Fox News, the former general answered questions from the website The Smoking, saying that he did nothing wrong to his wife - to whom he has been married 50 years - with Cretu currently PSD MEP, after emails' very individual nature "were made public.

Powell said he Cretu met about ten years ago, while he was Secretary of State for former President George W. Bush, and she was spokesperson for the Romanian President Ion Iliescu . He noted that he met with her "once or twice" in the last eight years.