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24 January 2014

Michael Hayden: Hackers Are Greatest Danger

Google translation, tweaked by Cryptome.

Former NSA and CIA director: U.S. steals information to protect its citizens, China to enrich

Former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden said Friday in Bucharest that the U.S. steals information to ensure the safety of its citizens, not to enrich, as does Beijing.

In a speech at the National Bank, General Hayden said that there are three types of "sinners" in cyberspace : States, criminal groups and anarchists.

States are "very good at it. Mine is. I've been director of the NSA and intelligence gathering reasons against legitimate targets, stealing information from other states. This does not put us on par with the Chinese. The Chinese steal things, and we Americans steal. But we do it to ensure the safety of our citizens, we do not do it to enrich our citizens, and that is the difference between us and the Chinese," said Hayden, at the panel on "Intelligence and Cyber Security."

The second are "criminal groups" found in the former Soviet satellites. They consist of a lot of "talented people working for pay to steal things or to destroy networks on behalf of others."

The third group is made up of anarchists and activists, as well Guccifer who "do not do it for profit, but simply do."

In his opinion, the most dangerous is the third group .

"States should be responsible for their actions. They should be careful that their actions have consequences. Groups have less control, but ultimately, they're parasites. They live on the backs of others. Parasites can not find a way to survive after destroying their "host."

"I'm bad, but not a catastrophe," said the American general.

He says he is more worried about the group which consists of people who are "20-something, sitting in pajamas and slippers, still living with their mother in the basement, who are mad at the world, who want to do what you and I can not understand and certainly can not perform."

Michael Hayden claims that these young people can become very dangerous if they acquire capabilities that currently only states and criminal groups have.

Among the guests at the conference were the governor of BNR , deputy governor Adrian Vasilescu, Liviu Voinea and Mihnea Costoiu ministers, presidential adviser Iulian Fota, MFA State Secretary Bogdan Aurescu PSD Senator Geoana and UK Ambassador Martin Harris.

Michael Hayden is a visit to Bucharest in which he met with director SRI George Maior [Cryptome: Maior was a Guccifer target].

Hayden, aged 59 years, was director of the NSA from 1999 to 2005 and headed the CIA during the period 2006-2009.

Currently the retired general is a consultant to the Chertoff Group, a security consulting company. [Cryptome: Chertoff is Michael Chertoff, formerly head of the US Department of Homeland Security.]