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4 March 2014

From: "" <enquiries[at]>
To: <cryptome[at]>
Subject: Cryptome: Amazon Fraud - significant development
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014 17:14:56 -0000

Serial number of unit fraudulently supplied as new

Watch out for it in the Amazon forest where "co-mingling" is practised.


To: [resolution-uk [ at ]]
Sent: 04 March 2014 16:34
From: alant[*** REDACTED ***]
Subject: Your Order No: [*** REDACTED ***]

Dear Sean,

Many thanks for your contact at last. It is most welcome, after being given
the runaround by the various call centres day after day.

You will not be entirely surprised to hear that the infamously incompetent
Yodel failed to collect the computer yesterday because they just didn't show
up. I had to arrange another collection from those nice people at Citylink
who seem to be on permanent standby to mop up the mess Yodel create. I asked
the driver if he was fed up with this pathetic situation and he responded
with a gallic shrug. I almost wept manly tears.

So finally, the item was collected this afternoon.

Your corporate PR team (Ben Howes and Suzy van der Mark) has been refusing
to answer my enquiries and is still stonewalling to no discernable effect,
because as you will have realised I have orchestrated the spreading of the
tale ("virally" I believe young people call it).

A significant escalation of the situation happened this afternoon also.
Following on from the two Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) shop fronts called
Concept Tech and Xtra Cubby

(which seem to be now one and the same - v. spooky) involved, a third Amazon
"co-mingling" FBA shop operator called GB Buddy

is now implicated. I received an email from them (no doubt prompted by your
executive action) saying the replacement computer I had just ordered could
not now be shipped because:-

"there was some improper arrangements from the warehouse".

Which seems at serious odds with their initial assurances that it was
"sealed box, new, UK model".

I am truly grateful for your executive action (which means something
entirely different at MI5 and MI6 - but I digress) and I look forward to
hearing from you further soon.

Kind regards,

Alan Turnbull
Attached message from GB Buddy

Order information from Amazon seller GB Buddy (Order: [*** REDACTED ***])
From: GB Buddy
Sent: Tuesday, 4 March 2014 3:05 pm
To: (alant[*** REDACTED ***])

Order ID: [*** REDACTED ***]
1 of Apple ME294B/A 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Intel Quad Core
i7 2.3GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB HDD, Iris Pro Graphics, GeForce GT 750M 2GB, Mac
Dear Alan Turnbull,

We feel sorry to advise you that there was some improper arrangements from
the warehouse and we cannot arrange delivery of this order.  We have made
full refund to you and Amazon will contact you later.  We apologize again
for inconvenience caused.

Should you have any query, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Customer Service Team

-----Original Message-----
From: [resolution-uk [ at ]]
Sent: 04 March 2014 15:50
To: alant[*** REDACTED ***]
Subject: Your Order No: [*** REDACTED ***]

Dear Mr Turnbull,

My name is Sean Murphy and I represent the Executive Customer Relations
Group within and in this capacity, your correspondence has been
brought to my attention.

We are investigating the matters you have raised in relation to your
Fulfilled by Amazon Order [*** REDACTED ***]

I will aim to update you within 1-2 business days.

Thank you for your patience I realise that this matter has been going on
since March 2nd but would like to assure you that we are giving it our full

Can you please advise if you have completed the returns process, i.e. have
Yodel collected the order?


Seán Murphy
Executive Customer Relations

---- Original message: ----

20:54 Initial Question: I refer to previous correspondence on Order [***
REDACTED ***] and I wish to enquire when I will be called personally about
the matter

20:54 Pranav (CSA) : Thank you for contacting My name is

May I know your name, please?
20:54 Alan Turnbull : Alan
20:55 Pranav (CSA) : Hi Alan.
20:56 Pranav (CSA) : I'm sorry that the item is defective and a return label
has been created for the order.
20:58 Alan Turnbull : The item was not defective as such - it was
fraudulently sold to me by Amazon as a NEW item. It was USED - it had been
returned for refund by its previous owner. The owner's personal details were
all over the machine. I contacted him (*** REDACTED ***) and he contacted
your call centre too.
21:00 Pranav (CSA) : I can certainly understand your concern.
21:02 Pranav (CSA) : I checked and see that the item is with the seller
"Concept Tech", I request you to contact the seller regarding this issue as
they will be able to provide a solution regarding this and if they are
unable to provide any information, please do contact us and we'll be happy
to assist  you further.
21:03 Alan Turnbull : The order was fulfilled by Amazon. I would like you to
escalate this matter to your management immediately.
21:04 Alan Turnbull : I am in contact with Amazon press office too. I am a
21:05 Pranav (CSA) : A member of our Investigation team will need to help
you with this, however, they don't have phone or chat support. I will
contact them on your behalf. You can expect an e-mail response from them
within the next 24-48 hours.
21:06 Alan Turnbull : Please send me a transcript of that communication to
the investigations team.
21:07 Pranav (CSA) : I'll send this chat transcript for your reference and
the investigation team will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
21:08 Alan Turnbull : I already have a transcript of this chat. I wish to
have proof that you are contacting the team. Ideally, the name(s) of the
team members and their location.
21:11 Pranav (CSA) : I'm sorry we're only able to send the chat transcript
to you as I can only send as an email and please rest assured that I'll
contact the relevant team and they will get back to you via email.
21:12 Alan Turnbull : I wish to speak to your senior manager by telephone.
Can you arrange this immediately please.
21:12 Pranav (CSA) : If you prefer I'll transfer the chat to my Supervisor.
21:13 Alan Turnbull : yes fine.
21:14 Pranav (CSA) : May I place the chat on hold while I transfer the chat
to my Supervisor, please?
21:14 Alan Turnbull : yes

21:16 Alan Turnbull is on hold.

21:16 Pranav (CSA) is no longer connected.

This chat has been transferred.
Transfer Notes : The item was not defective as such - it was fraudulently
sold to me by Amazon as a NEW item. It was USED - it had been returned for
refund by its previous owner. The owner's personal details were all over the
machine. I contacted him (*** REDACTED ***) and he contacted your call
centre too.

21:16 Alan Turnbull is off hold.
21:17 Damodharan (CSA) : Hello, My name is Damodharan. I'm part of customer
service leadership team here at
21:19 Alan Turnbull : Have you read through this transcript?
21:19 Damodharan (CSA) : I'm sorry for the issue caused to you with the item
you purchased from us.
21:21 Damodharan (CSA) : As informed by my colleague we need to contact the
appropriate team to resolve this issue.
21:23 Alan Turnbull : This is what was promised to the other person whose
old computer was passed off by Amazon as new to me.
21:24 Damodharan (CSA) : I'm sorry for the situation Alan. I'll make sure
your issue gets resolved soon. I'll contact the appropriate department now
and they will get back to you with an update with in 24-48 hours via e-mail.

21:26 Alan Turnbull : I would like you to communicate with Amazon head
office press team and let them know the precise details of this issue. That
way, they can find the information easily. I am a journalist and I am
planning a major news story about fraud within Amazon operations.
21:27 Damodharan (CSA) : I'm sorry for the situation please understand that
we will do our best to resolve this issue at your satisfaction.
21:28 Alan Turnbull : Yes thank you, but I need you to communicate with the
Head Office's press team. Because I will be forwarding this chat transcript
to them. It is in YOUR interests.
21:29 Damodharan (CSA) : I'm sorry we are unable to contact them directly,
However I'll pass your comments.
21:30 Alan Turnbull : In that case, please give me the details of the
Investigations Team and I will contact them directly. 48 hours is not good
enough when corporate FRAUD is involved.
21:34 Damodharan (CSA) : I'm sorry, we don't have a direct contact number to
contact our investigation team. They can be contacted only through post or
by email.

21:34 Damodharan (CSA) : If you want to contact our Head Office about this,
please use the address below:,
Customer Services,
Patriot Court,
1-9 The Grove,
SL1 1QP,
United Kingdom.

Please make sure to include your order number and e-mail address in your
letter and be aware that it may take 10-14 days to reply to queries sent by
traditional post.

Alternatively, you could send your letter, as an attachment to an e-mail, to
the e-mail address customer-attachment-requests [ at ]

If you've included your order number and e-mail address, please be assured
that there's no need to send us previous e-mail correspondence relating to
this as we'll have a record of all e-mail communication sent to and from
21:36 Damodharan (CSA) : In my end, I'll transfer the contact to our
investigation team but it will take 24 - 48 hours for them to reply back to
it. As you would like to be contacted soon, I'll request them contact you as
soon as possible.
21:37 Alan Turnbull : Thank you. This concludes the web chat. Goodbye.
21:37 Damodharan (CSA) : Thanks for your understanding. Goodbye.
21:38 Damodharan (CSA) : Apart from this, is there anything else I can help
you with today?

21:39 Alan Turnbull has left the conversation.


4 March 2014

From: "" <enquiries[at]>
To: <cryptome[at]>
Subject: Cryptome: Amazon fraud - extra link
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014 12:30:30 -0000

This horrific story

[ ]

very usefully adds (in a very graphic way) to the story and the key aspect is the "co-mingling" business model used by Amazon for its "Fulfilled by" programme.

Suggests the fraud I have highlighted is widespread and is in fact a direct consequence of the Amazon business model.


3 March 2014

Amazon and the Apple Macbook Fraud

From: "" <enquiries[at]>
To: <cryptome[at]>
Subject: Cryptome: Amazon and the Apple Macbook Fraud
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 16:14:08 -0000

FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION (images attached also)

From Alan Turnbull,

* World Exclusive *

Amazon and the Apple Macbook Fraud

Stage 1

Amazon customer "A" buys an Apple Macbook Pro worth nearly £1400.

He realises the keyboard nationality isn't the one he ordered.

Organises a return to Amazon and refund.

He tries but doesn't ensure his data is fully deleted, but Amazon say
they'll organise that (?!)

Stage 2

Amazon's Customer Returns department decide to fraudulently repackage
customer "A"'s returned unit as a brand new item and enters it back into the

Stage 3

A week later, Customer "B" comes along to purchase the same model and is
supplied with a supposedly brand new sealed unit. Except it isn't. Upon
opening the package, it seems sealed but the wrapper hasn't been fastened
quite well enough. Upon booting the computer for the first time, instead of
a "first time" setup assistant screen, the customer is greeted by a previous
owner's Apple ID messaging login.

Further detailed inspection of the computer by Customer "B" reveals Customer
"A"'s full personal profile including email addresses, email contents, email
attachments (which include scans of letters with his home address), Safari
web browsing history, iTunes history, the complete works. While operating
the computer, Customer "B" even gets a video call from a mobile phone
unknown to him while in the Webcam app Facetime.

Even more detailed examination reveals that rather than a UK market model as
ordered (and indicated by Part number "ME293B/A" where "B" means UK), the
supplied unit is marked "ME293ZP/A".


Same model and spec, but instead of a UK model, it was intended for Hong
Kong which has the country code "ZP". Furthermore, and perhaps even more
damning, the original Amazon Marketplace supplier "Concept Tech - fulfilled
by Amazon" changes its name to "Xtra Cubby" a few days after the situation
is highlighted. Suggesting that fake Marketplace shop fronts are being used
by Amazon. I thought only the CIA did that sort of thing.

Stage 4

Customer "B" makes contact by mobile phone with Customer "A" to alert him.

Stage 5

The proverbial hits the fan ... In multiple locations.


There's obviously one thing missing from this story. You might have already
guessed it.

The Customer "B" is Secret Bases author Alan Turnbull, infamous for exposing
the MI6 Chief's family on Facebook and many other internet/tech related
exclusives in the media.


Amazon Press Officers (+44 (0)208 636 9280):-

Ben Howes (+44 (0)7899 897641)


Suzy van der Mark (+44 (0)7966 116744)

are both aware and I'm sure they'll love to hear from you. They have so far
refused to respond to my emails and calls.

In the light of mass corporate tax evasion, Amazon wouldn't want to be
associated with fraud too!

Meanwhile, I have alerted the UK Government's Information Commissioner
( and the National Crime Agency