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14 March 2014

Comsec for Earth Water Air Fire Mind Spirit Soul


2014-0407.htm   Comsec as Essential Public Utility  March 13, 2014

At 11:52 PM 3/13/2014, Troy Benjegerdes:
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And networks would be harder to debug, unless you happened to work for the comsec utility or the NSA and already had all the decryption keys.

Let me suggestion using IPv7 where encryption is also optional, but at least happens to use the same ecdsa keys you use for your money to encrypt packets if you so desire.

Sigged: 7 elements earth::water::air::fire::mind::spirit::soul


Your sig: "earth::water::air::fire::mind::spirit::soul" (EWAFMSS) pretty well covers the area of operations needing ubiquitous comsec against ubiquitous spying of EWAFMSS.

Certainly there will be violations and spying by those who design, run and abuse the systems of EWAFMSS.

Especially those who are excused from accountability to "maintain the systems, or debug" EWAFMSS.

More narrowly, system operators, network operators, maintenance staff, repariers, holders of keys to and lockpicks of the systems, ie, the Snowdens, the spies, the governors, will usurp control and unilaterally or collectively decide they know what is best for the systems' users, and that inevitably coincides with self-interest of the system operators of EWAFMSS.

Given that inevitability of self-interest, cloaked in high-minded rationales of public service, or national security, what inevitably must be done to reign in the inevitable abusers of privilege, public service, national security, ie EWAFMSS.

A range of options: assassination, revolution, counterspying, treason, war, founding of new faiths, schemes and con jobs in EWAFMSS.

For comsec that could entail implantation of electroshock devices in every system operator which punishes, or in extremity, kills, for misbehavior programmed into the widgets. Hack a key, pick a lock, mosh RNG, open a backdoor, break a vow of public service, get singed as a warning, keep it up, get fried.

This is basicly what NSA is implanting around the globe in systems if not witting and unwitting operators. Starting with implantation of their own Snowdens of devices of disinformation which leads the poor goofs to think they know the system vulns. Then the goofs spread the disinfo to, say, the Greenwalds, Poitras's and Gellmans who then goofily spread it to the public goofiness consumers.

Blessing this operation is the FISC judges who mightily try to understand WTF DoJ is blowing at them to cloud what NSA is actually doing with its systems of EWAFMSS.

Read the FISC orders to see the solons gyrate and spasm a pretense of understanding what is intended ot be non-understandable. NSA proceeds totally unhindered to do what it wants with abusing EWAFMSS, condoned by FISC glossing of the abuse -- what is done in the US is done worldwide for managing and exploiting for self-interest EWAFMSS.

Yes, these very lists foster the appeal of exploiting the expoitation of EWAFMSS by pretending to oppose it, to found a new scheme of assassination, revolution, etc, etc. This will inevitably lead to compromisable proponents to be bribed and recruited for service in the established exploiters: billionaires, journalists, lawyers, courts, tech corporations, telcos, LEs, TLAs, Vaticans, Israelis, Muslims, Tea Parties, nations, black marketers, financial crime syndicates, freedom of information hustlers, leakers, and, most beautifully remunerative, crypto-comsec mofos.

There's the pitch for comsec public utility, crypto-comsec mofos signing up to be implanted with EM devices for a Tor-Greenwald-grade lifetime of comfort bribe to loyally and patriotically run the sysems of EWAFMSS. Then immediately break the vow, hack the devices, cheat, lie, steal, bolthole an embassy, refuge in a rogue state, for a while enjoy the warm feeling of triumph, then be Zapped remotely for belief in knowing more than the Devil in the Details.


Snowden's video, comments and talks at SXSW convey the failure to aim higher with ubiquitous comsec, instead to remain within the comfortable fold of Snowden's "do no harm to national security." This blind faith in natsec cautionary implantation in Snowden and his media outlets aided by technical advisors and officials, assures redaction-rich risklessness in accord with the NSA-DoJ-bamboozled FISC orders guaranteeing continuation of control of EWAFMSS.