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24 May 2014

No Place to Hide Freed

Amazon review revised.

No Place to Hide Freed

After reading No Place to Hide on day of release and whipping out a review, now these second thoughts:

We screen shot the Kindle edition, plugged the double-paged images into Word, and printed five PDFs of the Introduction, Chapter 1 through 5, and Epilogue. Then put the 7Z package online at Cryptome.

This was done to make more of Edward Snowden's NSA material available to readers than will be done by the various books about it -- NPTH among a half-dozen -- hundreds of news and opinion articles, TV appearances and awards ceremonies by Snowden, Greenwald, Poitras, McAskin, Gellman, Alexander, Clapper, national leaders and gaggles of journalist hobos of the Snowden Intercept of NSA runaway metadata traffic.

The copying and unlimited distribution of No Place to Hide is to compensate in a small way for the failure to release 95% of the Snowden material to the public.

After Snowden dumped the full material on Greenwald, Poitras and Gellman, about 97% of it has been withheld. This book provides a minuscule amount, 106 images, of the 1500 pages released so far out of between 59,000 and 1.7 million allegedly taken by Snowden.

The book is useful to begin to understand what remains to be revealed, what books, article, film, video are concocted to make much of the few releases, what may slowly come in months, years and decades, if ever. And what is surely to be concealed of changes in NSA and other spy agencies around the world in response to the Snowden releases. Delay in full release of the Snowden material will give the spies greater opportunities to continue programs unchanged and devise new ones which are unlikely to be disclosed by another Snowden.

Download the book for free, point others to it, use it to demand release of all the Snowden material as soon as possible in order for a genuine, informed public debate can get underway while officials and the material withholders jointly scramble to prevent it.

Read No Place to Hide and wonder why it does not foster accelerated, full release of the Snowden material, to instead for secretkeepers of all stripes profit from limited releases and inadequate, under-informed public debate.