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11 May 2014

NSA IAD Top Technology Challenges

2014 IAD Top Technology Challenges

1. Resiliency - Resilient Architecture and Operations

2. Automated Risk Detection-monitoring Heuristic / Behavioral - Large scale / Real-time / Multi-domain

3. Automated Risk Mitigation

4. Usability - Transparent Security

5. Cloud - Store Sensitive Government Data Searchable and Usable on Public Clouds

6. Detection and Response Mechanisms for Insiders (Timely, Fine-grained)

7. Leverage Classified Knowledge/Signatures in a Host-based System

8. Mobility - Hardware RoT, SEAndroid, Secure boot, Secure Baseband

9. Security for Cloud User Environments - Thick / Thin Client, Virtualization

10. Engineering, Testing, and Operating Secure Composite Systems

11. Establishing and Maintaining Assurance in Heterogeneous, Mobile and Cloud Environments