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24 May 2014

Request to Russia on Edward Snowden

For publication on the US website, a public education forum, we request information on the asylum of Edward Snowden in Russia:

1. When will the decision be made to continue his asylum?

2. If continued, what is the expected period of his asylum in Russia?

3. How are expenses for his asylum paid, such as for housing, food, medical care, personal needs?

4. Where does Mr. Snowden live, not the specific location but in general such as Moscow or elsewhere?

5. Does he live alone or with others?

6. What type of building does he live in?

7. Does Mr. Snowden hold a job, and if so, with what employer?

8. What are the security arrangements for his protection?

9. Does the Russian government monitor Mr. Snowden's communications, mail, telephone and Internet?

10. Does the Russian government monitor Mr. Snowden's meeting with visitors?

11. What communications concerning Mr. Snowden have taken place between Russia and other nations?

12. Has any other nation offered asylum to Mr. Snowden?

13. Has Mr. Snowden applied for Russian citizenship?

We appreciate your response to this request.

Best regards,

John Young