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20 June 2015

PDF Files Are Suspicious

A writes:

Aren't you afraid to share all these PDF Files ?

Those files are processed by programs in order to render them.

Some of your readers may use 3rd party software on the computer, or pre-installed readers in their smart-phones with lot of vulnerabilities.

The more I see your site, the most I see PDF files.

What if you get some PDF files with common JavaScript exploit within, or unknown pattern to exploit PDF readers ?

Just a remark, most of us know how to put those files in a virtual machine and breaking all network access.

You may put a procedure to clear those files, and not to transform them in another html file, but in many images, like a PNG format.

We are in 2015, I guess anyone have a quick Internet access and that won't bug the reading.

Whatever that point is very sensitive, and you should not put these leaks in their original format, they may came with tricky things.

Thank you for the site.

Cryptome answers:

You are correct.

Not only PDF, but all the files on Cryptome, and Cryptome itself, anything online, especially material which has been reportedly sanitized, secured, anonymized and encrypted, should be taken with many grains of salt.

And even when well salted, put on machines and systems which cannot be trusted to be free of implants, siphons, covert logs, malware, backdoors, exploits, cheats, thieveries, deceptions, tricks and invasive digital and hardware snoops of many untold kinds, codes, algorithms, plots, schemes, betrayals, and above all assurances nothing like these are to be fretted about so long as you allow incessant upgrades to dig into and violate your privacy without fear.

But a good bit of fear is to be borne to induce you to buy security in bountiful dollops, all kinds of security, mind you, for your soul, your psycho, your bio, your chemo, your family, religion, state, children, pets, disgusting habits, and not least, your own kit and kaboodle of treachery, suspicion, paranoia and violation of those you accuse others of perfoming against you.

Thank you for sharing.