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New York Daily News, March 12, 2004

Kelly takes aim at police-hate site


Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly directed officials yesterday to sue and seek criminal charges against the Queens man behind a Web site that lists names and addresses of cops and their families.

The department wants to shut down the site, run by Alan Munn, contending he is encouraging violence against cops.

The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau and computer unit are pursuing criminal charges as police lawyers research grounds for a civil suit.

"The police commissioner has asked the legal department's lawyers to bring a civil action against Munn," said Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Browne. "We will be looking for him to serve him with papers."

Kelly also asked the computer unit to browse police-related Web sites and expunge any personal information on NYPD cops, Browne said.

The moves came a day after Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn, Queens) vowed to introduce legislation banning sites like Munn's.

In 1999, Munn was busted for posting the message: "Please Kill NYPD Lt. [name withheld by the Daily News], all other NYPD cops and all of their adult relatives and friends." That case prompted a Queens judge to rule that someone using the Internet to alarm another person can be charged with aggravated harassment.

On his current site, Munn is not making direct threats against any police officer. Still, the lieutenant who had Munn arrested in 1999 told The News the site is still dangerous.

"Maybe he would not kill me or another cop," the lieutenant said. "But some other nut out there might."

Munn was not reachable for comment.

Originally published on March 12, 2004

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