19 June 2001




B. Bourgeois
Naval Research Laboratory
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-5004



Company Information: Mapping, Charting & Geodesy Branch, US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL, Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-5004, US. Ph. 601-688-4420; Fax 601-688-4853).

Mission: Swath bathymetry and acoustic imagery. Current profiles, sediment classification, water temp. and conductivity, wave height, other oceanographic data.

Dimensions: Length 25 ft.; width 3.3 ft.; Height 20.7 ft.

Weights: In Air 10,000 lb.; Submerged 100 lb.

Propulsion: 150 hp. engine. Uses diesel fuel. 24 v., 100 A. generator, hydraulic pump.

Performance: Maximum Speed 12 kt.; Maximum Range 288 nm.; Endurance 24 hr.; Operating Depth 0-12 ft.

Payload(s): Multibeam bathymetry/imagery system, north-seeking gyroscope, magnetic compass, vertical reference unit, video camera, below-water obstacle detection, MARS or GPS, Sparc 20 workstation sensor computer, control system computer, surface water conductivity/temp., acoustic Doppler current profiler, wireless ethernet bridge far sensor telemetry.

Guidance & Control Navigation: Teleoperated or autonomous with a range of 2-5 mi.

User Group: US Navy.

Method of Launch/Recovery: Pier-side crone or from survey ship, capable of recovery in sea states 3-5.

Sponsored by the Oceanography of the Navy via SPAWAR PMW 185.
Published in the AWEST & AUVSI 1997-98 International Guide to Unmanned Vehicles, June 1997.
Special Report