19 June 2001




M. Lohrenz    M. Gendron    J. M. Mehaffey
P. Wischow    M. Trenchard    S. Myrick
Naval Research Laboratory
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-5004



This report documents the Moving-Map Composer (MMC) software system developed by scientists in NRL Code 7441. The MMC software is resident on the AV-8B Map-II Station, which NRL designed and configured in support of AV-8B mission planners and pilots in the field. These MMC-driven Map-II Stations enable AV-8B users to perform the following functions:

" Design and build Aircraft Optical Disk (AOD) images from user-specified Compressed Aeronautical Chart (CAC) and scanned chart data;
" Include emergency check-lists and reconnaissance photographs in an AOD image;
" Write completed AOD images to militarized Write-Once Read-Many AODs;
" Evaluate failed AODs and recover from failed AOD image builds;
" Design and build Mission Planning System Compact Disk Images (MPS-CDIs) from user-specified CAC, scanned chart, and DTED data;
" Write MPS-CDIs to Recordable Compact Disk (CD-R) for mission planning purposes;
" Scan and compress paper charts into a CAC-compatible format (when CAC or Arc Digitized Raster Graphics (ADRG) are not available) and include them in an AOD image or MPS-CDI.

These Map-II Stations image functions will completely replace all map data functions and all optical disk image functions that are currently handled by the AV-8B Map, Operator, and Maintenance Stations (MOMS). To date, the AV-8B program has purchased eight NRL-developed Map-II Stations, and the F/A-18 program has purchased two.

Sponsored by the Naval Air Systems Command AV-8B Program.

Published in May 1998.
Naval Research Laboratory Contribution Number NRL/FR/7441--97-9677.
NRL Formal Report