19 June 2001




D. Lundberg
K. T. Holland
J. Church
Naval Research Laboratory
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-5004



A semi-empirical longshore current model has been developed that is not reliant upon bathymetry. The model inputs are wave breaker height, wave breaker angle, and the surf width. The output is a cross-shore profile of the longshore current that is consistent with field observations for both planar and barred beaches. Since the model inputs are those that can be readily determined by observation, this model has utility for forward deployed operational forces that may not have ready access to more sophisticated models and measurement techniques. The concept of wave radiation stress was used to provide the driving force in the model. The model was developed and tested from data gathered at Duck, NC during the DELILAH experiment in October, 1990. The beach at Duck had an offshore bar during the data collection. The average absolute deviation of the model compared to the measured data was 19%. The model will require further testing to verify its general application for both plane and barred beaches.

Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.

Published on October 24, 1997.
Naval Research Laboratory Contribution Number NRL/MR/7442 97-8066.
NRL Memorandum Report