19 June 2001




S. Myrick
Naval Research Laboratory
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-5004


This paper presents an overview of a Navy-Developed digital chart database and a system for incorporating data from paper aeronautical charts. The Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center has developed a compressed database of scanned aeronautical charts, known as the Compressed Aeronautical Chart (CAC) and the Moving Map Composer (MMC) system which enables Fleet users to support aircraft digital moving maps. CAC is designed to be a global, seamless database of digital charts that supports tactical aircraft mission planning systems and navigation systems (i.e., digital moving-map systems). This database has replaced all paper chart and filmstrip products on Navy and Marine Corps AV-8B and F/A-18 aircraft. In addition, several foreign countries, including Australia, Finland, Italy, Kuwait, Spain, and Switzerland have purchased similar aircraft that are equipped with digital moving-map systems and plan to utilize CAC. However, availability of source data for producing CAC is limited at some scales. In areas where paper charts are not yet available in digital form, or the use of foreign paper charts is required, the capability to augment CAC with data from scanned paper aeronautical charts is necessary. A function of MMC will provide Fleet users the capability to augment their CAC database with locally scanned paper charts. This paper also provides an overview of the methodologies used in the development of MMC including data georectification, datum and projection transformations, and scanned data archival.

Sponsored by the NAVAIR AV-8B Program Office.

Presented at the 61st Annual Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences Program and Abstracts Meeting, 1997.
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