11 June 2001



Federal Geographic Data Committee

Address Content Standard

This standard is open for public review through June 22, 2001

OBJECTIVES: To provide consistency in the maintenance and exchange of address data and enhance its useability.

 SCOPE: The Address Content Standard (the Standard) will be an FGDC data content standard. The Standard will provide semantic definitions for components determined by the participants to be integral to the creation, maintenance, sharing, useability, and exchange of addresses and/or address lists. Within this scope, addresses are broadly defined as locators to places where a person or organization may reside or receive communications, but excluding electronic communications. An address list consists of one or more addresses. The Standard will additionally define an entity-relationship model for address data.

 The semantic definitions and the entity-relationship model are initially focused on the address schema found within the United States and its territories with consideration given to making the model applicable globally.

 Although the proposed Standard is national in scope, there will be an attempt to harmonize with the international approach.

Persons interested in reviewing the Address Data Content Standard may download the public review draft in Microsoft Word format.   All reviewers are strongly urged to use the Review Comment Template when preparing and submitting comments. 

Reviewers may send their comments to

For information about the FGDC standards process (including public review), please visit FGDC Standards or contact Ms. Julie Binder Maitra, FGDC Standards Coordinator, by phone at (703) 648-4627 or by E-mail at

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