12 June 2001


Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Rome, NY

Collaborative Map Annotator (CMA)

As part of the ADII program, the ADII Team creates applications to demonstrate the capabilities of display or Human Computer Interaction (HCI) technology. From time-to-time, these demonstration programs may be publicly released when it is determined that they have no sensitive information and are of value to the general public.

The Collaborative Map Annotator (CMA) was created to show that users of the Interactive DataWall could work collaboratively with users of other computer systems whose displays and computer hardware may be different. The Java programming language was chosen since it facilitates portable source code, rapid prototyping, easy image handling, and language constructs that provide for collaboration. This code is made public in hopes that it may be useful to those learning and working with Java. The code may be freely used provided the author and the US Government are credited with having created this work.

The CMA demonstrates the following features:

Using CMA

  1. Compile CMA using mkall.bat
  2. Start the RMIEngine (server) java RMIEngine.ServerInterfaceImpl
  3. Start the CMA (client) java CMA (host name where the RMIEngine is running)
  4. Start the optional voice interface
  5. Select File | Load Map to change the visible map

Download CMA.tar.Z (488K)