05 March 2001


Information Dominance for Army XXI: Battlefield Visualization

by Captain Harry E. Jones, II

Key Technologies

"We require the integration of seven key technology areas (see Figure 1) to refine and mature our BV [battlefield visualization] capability: displays, both large flat panels to replace the wooden map boards in our tactical operations centers, and private "heads-up" or retinal displays for individual fighting vehicles, aircraft, and soldiers. BV requires accurate sensors to collect enemy force activity and friendly force locations. We need broad bandwidth networks to rapidly move data across the battlespace. BV also requires extensive databases, including high- resolution digital terrain elevation and features data, entity level simulations, and 3D environments. Computer hardware and software provide the technological engine for most BV applications. Finally, BV requires an ATR automatic target recognition capability to speed the analysis and identification of objects in the battlespace, to speed sensor-to-shooter links, and to decrease the risk of fratricide. TRADOC's Program Integration Offices for Army Battle Command (TPIO-ABCS) and terrain are central to the synchronization of activities across these technology areas."