26 March 2001



Secure Image Ciphering based on the Mathematics of Chaos

Multi-Sensor Exploitation Branch
Information and Intelligence Exploitation Division
Information Directorate
Air Force Research Laboratory


Dr. Jiri Fridrich
Principal Investigator, SUNY Binghamton

Mr. Richard Simard
Multi-Sensor Exploitation Branch, AFRL




Overall Scheme

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Chaos 2 Slide

Chaos 3 Slide

Security of the Cipher System

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Patent Pending on Ciphering Scheme

Patent Pending on Hiding Scheme

Parallelization of Ciphering Scheme on an 512-processor nCUBE platform


Fridrich, J. Secure Image Ciphering Based on Chaos.  Final Technical Report RL-TR-97-155, Rome Laboratory, New York, 1997.

Fridrich, J. and Baldoza, A. Parallel Implementation of Chaos-Based Encryption Techniques.  Final Technical Report. Rome Laboratory, New York. To be published.

Fridrich, J., Baldoza, A., and Simard, R. On digital watermarks.  Submitted to the Second Information Hiding Workshop, Portland, OR, 15-17 Apr 1998.

Current Research Efforts

Chaotic Ciphers using Small Cipher Blocks

Information Hiding and Digital Watermarking in digital images and video

Fraud Detection on Digital Images

Hiding Information at Different Levels of Access

Military & Commercial Applications

Covert & Extremely Secure Communications

Source Authentication

Traitor Tracing

Copyright protection

Intelligent Browsers

Points of Contact

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