4 September 2001



Digital Earth will be a virtual representation of our planet that enables a person to explore and interact with the vast amounts of natural and cultural information gathered about the Earth. (Consensus definition adopted at the Second Interagency Digital Earth Workshop [IDEW2], held 1999 September 22-23 at University of Maryland.)

5th Digital Earth Community Meeting (DECM5)
2001 January 31
Capitol Union Building
Penn State Harrisburg
777 West Harrisburg Pike
Middletown PA, USA

Agenda (Word, 20kB) (HTML, 6kB)
Attendees (Excel, 49kB)



Developing Digital Earth Applications
Jeff de La Beaujardiere, NASA GSFC
Powerpoint, 432kB
Using the Digital Earth Interoperability Standards
George Percivall, GST/NASA GSFC
Powerpoint, 1.6MB
New Opportunities for Unexpected Partnerships
Sidney Draggan, EPA
Powerpoint, 86kB
Geography: Our Global Network
Jerry Garegnani, ESRI
Powerpoint, 1.5MB
Partnerships through Applications Development
Kenneth Markowitz, EarthPace LLC
Powerpoint, 41kB
Organizing For the Future
Larry Roelofs, GST
Digital Earth Cluster of the ESIP Federation
Rob Raskin, NASA JPL
Powerpoint, 70kB
Gridded Population of the World
Alex de Sherbinin, CIESIN
Powerpoint, 2.2MB
Bringing You the Digital Earth
Justin Lancaster, Geo-Software Inc.
QuickTime movie, 11MB
Digital Meadowlands
Kirk Barrett, Rutgers University
Powerpoint, 5.6MB
The Alignment of Digital Earth and the Digital Geospatial Clearinghouse
Doug Nebert, FGDC
Powerpoint, 636kB
Merging the Computer Sciences and the Geospatial Market
Todd Bacastow, Penn State University
Powerpoint, 251kB
Data Accessibility in a Digital Earth Marketplace
Mark Reichardt, OGC
Powerpoint, 2.1MB
What's Missing From Digital Earth? Thought Experiment: Space Station Management
Steve Young, EPA
Word, 25kB
The Big Picture
John Moeller, FGDC
Powerpoint, 2.9MB