24 April 2002



Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and surrounding countries in all the Telemorphic Viewers!

Here is an image map service of the Middle East available in all of our viewer products.
Datasets include NIMA VMAP0, USGS GTOPO30, and NASA ESE/SDP.

For those who can't or won't
use Java 2 technology.

open with Java Web Start
A powerful interface that
is not intimidating.

open with Java Web Start
Designed for the
GIS Professional.

Maplicity and OpenApplet utilize Sun's Java 1.3 JRE. Windows, Solaris, and Linux users will be prompted to download it if not already installed. AOL Users experiencing difficulty, go to the Setting Menu | Preferences | Internet Properties | Web Graphics and set the option to "Never Compress Graphics". Mac users must have OS X or greater.

Disclaimer: Telemorphic, Inc. makes no claim or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of data included in this application. This includes correcting coregistration errors between some data layers. Available data layers will change over time. This site is provided for informational purposes only.

Mac OS X users: If you are having troubles accessing this site with your Java enabled browser, email us at for the url to use in AppletViewer.