17 July 2001



Leica-Geosystems: Military survey instruments
Observation, orientation and positioning
Export subject to Swiss Export Regulations

Leica theodolites and distancers are used by land surveyors and engineers, but also by military surveyors in the artillery, and at the observation post.

Orienting stationLEICA GLPS

Observation postLEICA SG12 with VECTOR

LEICA SG12 Digital goniometer

As a rugged total station for military survey and orientation tasks, Leica proposes the SG12 fitted with a LEICA MRF2000 Rangefinder.

mortar layingSG12 with firmly fitted MRF2000 Rangefinder.

Orientation by built-in Digital Magnetic Compass yields 3 mils PE. Orientation by resection or astro menu is usually better than 1 mil.

Numerous customized variants exist, such as

The combination of SG12 and VECTOR IV is a versatile, light weight Observation Post Equipment. It displays range, bearing and elevation, or UTM grid co-ordinates, and can be equipped with multiple data input/output interfaces.

Forward observerSG12F Digital Goniometer with VECTOR IV Rangefinder Binoculars

LEICA GLPS Gun Laying and Positioning System

GLPS comprises three fully integrated components: a northfinding gyroscope, an electronic theodolite, and an eyesafe laser rangefinder.

Station coordinates can be determined by survey routines or fed automatically from a GPS receiver.

This fully autonomous system determines orientation to 0.2 mil PE and calculates easting, northing, and altitude to the forward station.

Orientation, fixationLEICA GLPS provides accurate and timely orientation and fixation

Leica Gun Laying and Positioning System (GLPS) Type Classified "Standard" by the United States Army.

Night vision

LEICA BIM25 / BIM35 / BIG25 / BIG35 / NAP5

Image intensifier family

The passive Leica night-vision devices give the user working in darkness reliable information on his environment and therefore certainty in his actions and decisions. The concept of a family of devices ensures interchangeability of components. Image intensifier tubes of the second and third generation can be used but:
3rd generation tubes are subject to export regulations of tube manufacturers country.

Image intensifiersThe LEICA Image intensifer family

The image intensifier family is made up of the following products:

LEICA BIM25 - Night pocketscope
LEICA BIM35 - Night pocketscope
LEICA BIG25 - Night vision goggles
LEICA BIG35 - Night binoculars

For Night Driving Periscope, click NAP5

Magnification 1 x 3 x 1 x 3 x
Field of view >40� >12.5� >40� >12.5�
Focus 0.25m to infinity 10m to infinity 0.25m to infinity 10m to infinity
Weight 0.43kg 1.16kg 0.55kg 1.19kg

Rangefinder binoculars LEICA VECTOR IV
The standard tool for forward observers.

Leica VECTOR rangefinding binocularsLEICA VECTOR Rangefinder binoculars

Leica VECTOR binoculars in useAt distances greater than 2km , operators prefer to use a magnetic tripod to steady the instrument

Various options allow customisation:

Reconnaissance and rapid surveying

Gap measuring devices

Engineers often perform important and tactical reconnaissance surveys.

Typical surveys include gap measurement i.e. horizontal distance and height difference between two points on opposite banks. The Leica VECTOR is purpose-built for such measurement and can provide the answer from a safe stand-off distance, with the necessary speed and accuracy.

The UKMoD has recently taken delivery of 114 LEICA VECTOR 1500S GMD (Gap Measuring Devices). To meet the Royal Engineers' requirement for Gap Measuring, Leica has developed customized software which differs from the standard VECTOR 1500. The 1500 GMD displays distances to 0.5 m and heights to 0.1 m. The maximum range remains unchanged at about 2500 m.

Engineers are likely to have additional tasks for the VECTOR 1500 GMD such as minefield mapping, checking approach bearings for helicopter landing sites, search operations, EOD and safety distances for demolitions.

Gap measurementLeica VECTOR for gap measurements: a pioneering role in making reconnaissance surveys more reliable.

OEM modules


Monocular Laser Rangefinder


MRF2000 RangefinderLEICA MRF2000 Monocular Rangefinder

The MRF2000 is a high quality optical telescope with built in rangefinder electronics. The design is optimized for ease of interfacing/integration with various survey and surveillance equipment.

Magnification 7x
Field of view 6.4� x 5.1�
Objective apperture 50mm
Exit pupil diameter 7mm
Eye relief 18mm
Dioptric setting -6 to +6 dptr
Wavelength 860nm
Eye-safety class ANSI Z136.1 (1993)
Maximum range 3800m
Distance accuracy (1s) �1m (below 2km)
�2m (above 2km)
Measurement rate 15 per minute
Data display in eyepiece or remote
Mechanical interface base plate, 140 x 120mm
Electrical interface data transfer via RS232, external power and trigger
Power supply two 3 V lithium cells
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 210 x 120 x 80mm