5 February 2002



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MapInfo Unveils New Homeland Security Program Leveraging Location Intelligence

Program Empowers Organizations with Location Intelligence for Infrastructure, Staff and Assets; Critical to Ensure Business Continuity

Troy, NY — January 29,2002 —

MapInfo Corporation (Nasdaq: MAPS) today announced the MapInfo Homeland Security Program, designed to help government agencies leverage location intelligence to protect the nation’s people and assets. At the core of the program is MapInfo’s expertise in combining software and data offerings that aid in detection, preparedness, prevention, protection, recovery and business continuity. The program encompasses a number of initiatives around homeland security including a series of seminars with leading corporations and government agencies.

MapInfo has more than 15 years of experience helping government agencies use location to make more informed decisions and improve public services. Several state and federal agencies already rely on MapInfo technology for fast and efficient response and recovery efforts, such as determining where to dispatch emergency personnel in times of disaster.

For instance, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) leverages MapInfo for disaster recovery efforts and to determine where to place emergency personnel in times of disaster. The New York City Police Department recently selected MapInfo technology for its next-generation agency-wide crime analysis system, which will allow all city agencies to analyze crime patterns by location type and frequency for better crime prevention.

The United States Border Patrol relies on MapInfo technology to monitor and secure country borders. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is prepared to protect the nation in the event of nuclear or chemical warfare with a solution based on MapInfo technology for detecting safe and unsafe areas.

As part of this program, MapInfo is embarking on a multi-city tour to discuss homeland security and business continuity with government agencies. Hosted by Government Technology, these seminars will bring executives from MapInfo, Oracle, Veritas, Cognos and Symantec together, and will focus on an integrated enterprise approach to help organizations achieve the goal of the coordinated sharing of information before, during and after an emergency. Additionally, MapInfo will be briefing key advisors to Senator Hillary Clinton today in Washington D.C. on its homeland security program.

"Federal, state and local governments have been deploying MapInfo solutions for the past 15 years. Now, with the nation’s heightened awareness surrounding safety, an increasing number of organizations are realizing the crucial role of location intelligence in homeland security," said Brian Lantz, vice president, global business and sales development, MapInfo. "MapInfo’s Homeland Security Program is designed to provide flexible location-technology to all government entities, as well as business organizations, for enhanced protection and prevention practices."

MapInfo’s Core Competencies Meet Critical Homeland Security Priorities

Rapid Reaction & Response—MapInfo’s technology enables emergency personnel to easily visualize, understand and view data about people, places and resources "at a glance," for rapid reaction and response.

Shared Intelligence—Government data, such as military assets or crime patterns, can be efficiently gathered from both internal and external sources. Data can reside in multiple locations, across multiple agencies and jurisdictions and in a variety of formats. MapInfo technology brings this data together in a common, open format, enabling agencies at the local, state and federal level to share information and make better decisions.

Flexibility—MapInfo solutions fit seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures and do not require additional technology investments. MapInfo partners and customers can immediately implement MapInfo solutions without needing to develop specialized proprietary skills.

Accurate Asset Tracking—MapInfo geocodes the location of important public assets including large landmarks, transportation hubs, underground telephone and electrical lines, and high-voltage power plants. MapInfo solutions enable government agencies to easily convert the address of any asset into a point on a map, a key element in security.

In related news, MapInfo was selected to participate in the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) test bed Multi-hazard Mapping Initiative, sponsored by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The goal of this test bed is to establish a framework of interoperable services that demonstrate how products with OGC interfaces can access, merge and visualize critical spatial information in support of FEMA multi-hazard mitigation, response and recovery functions. As an active principal member of OGC, MapInfo has helped define the specifications for this project and will provide an OGC compliant Web mapping server interface to the agencies with existing MapXtreme® Map Server installation. The Multi-hazard Mapping Initiative is mandated by the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000.

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