2 February 2001

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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 21:45:37 +0100
Subject: Map theft !!
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To all Map Collections and dealers

WARNING During this week the Royal Library in Copenhagen have been visited by a "probably" british citizen who from several atlasses and travel books have cut out at least 11 maps, we have videos of this man and his "work", the pictures of the man can be seen at our homepage and will be distributed too. The maps stolen, known at the moment are from Ortelius and Speed atlas - world map and maps of America and at least 8 maps from two different works of van Linschoten: the Itinerarium 1644 (Plancio World Map among others) and from Linschoten Navigatio 1599. We will send pictures of the maps out too in the coming days.

I have not attached the picture of the man here since it is a pretty big tiff file, but I can send it for persons who need it. Please inform colleagues.

Yours sincerely

Henrik Dupont
Map Collection
The Royal Library

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