15 March 2001


Institute of Space Sensor Technology and Planetary Exploration, Berlin-Adlershof


3rd IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation

April 2 - 6, 2001, Berlin, Germany

Preliminary Program of the 3rd IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation

1 - Programmatics
2 - Earth Watch Missions I
3 - Results and Lessons Learned
4 - Earth Explorer Missions
5 - Special Aspects of Small Satellite Missions

6 - Small Satellite Constellation

FUEGO: A Dedicated Constellation of Small Satellites To Detect and Monitor Forest Fires

WITTEX: A Constellation of Three Small Satellites that Meet Aggressive Requirements for Radar Altimetry

Nano/Micro Satellite Constellations for Earth and Space Science

A Concept of a Low Orbit Small Satellite Constellation for Earth Observation

Earth Remote Sensing Constellations

The Interferometric Cartwheel for ENVISAT

7 - Advanced Technologies and Instruments
8 - Earth Watch Missions II
9 - Low-Cost Management Aspects
10 - NASA Technologies of the New Millennium
11 - Technology Demonstration Missions
12 - Earth Watch Missions III and Launch Systems
13 - Spacecraft Subsystems
14 - Attitude Control Systems
15 - Small Satellite Bus Systems