28 August 2001



Press Release

SPOT Imagery Supports U.S. Army/NATO Mission in Kosovo

June 15, 2001

RESTON, VA - The U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC) purchased SPOT satellite image products of the Kosovo and Macedonia areas for training and operations in conjunction with the NATO mission in the region. The imagery is part of SPOT�s new Defense Planning Terrain Database (DPTD) that provides highly processed, unclassified broad area coverage of critical areas around the world. The DPTD was created specifically for use by U.S. Department of Defense, allies and coalition forces.  

�One of the most significant defense needs is for current and easily updateable, realistic image coverage to support training, operations and general preparedness,� explains Gene Colabatistto, President of SPOT Image Corporation. �Commercial companies like SPOT can provide this type of product and service very cost-effectively.� 

SPOT delivered the Kosovo/Macedonia digital image maps 60 days after order. The SPOT satellites were programmed to acquire the latest imagery over portions of the area. The coverage consists of twenty-nine 30 x 30 minute map frames. After introducing the final product at a recent U.S. Army terrain and imagery conference, 33 Army units involved in the area requested copies to support their mission. 

The SPOT DPTD package will cover those critical areas of the world where the US Department of Defense (DoD) typically requires updated and high quality coverage. Areas include the Koreas, the Middle East, Colombia and several others. The broad area digital image coverage is delivered as a natural color 10 meter resolution seamless mosaic with elevation models for 3D visualization. The DPTD comes with the option for discounted �subscription� updates at 5 meter and 2.5 meter from the SPOT 5 satellite, to be available in 2002.

There are now several options for U.S. government organizations to acquire products like this. Products can be purchased using SPOT�s contract with either the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), or with the U.S. Geological Survey�s Eros Data Center. These products can also be purchased directly from SPOT Image Corporation. 

SPOT Image Corporation, headquartered in Reston, VA, is the world�s leading supplier of satellite imagery/information databases, working with imagery resolutions that range from sub-one meter to one kilometer. The global SPOT satellite system includes multiple Earth observation satellites, 24 ground receiving stations worldwide, and more than 100 international distributors. SPOT is the most experienced provider of commercial satellite imagery and information products, with 15 years of continuous operations, and over 8 million archived images collected since 1986. 

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FUTURE WATCH:  The SPOT 5 satellite, scheduled for launch in early 2002, will provide the world�s most robust commercial imaging platform. Image products will include large area imagery (60x60 km) with pixel /resolutions of 2.5m, 5m, 10m, and 20m, daily global coverage at 1km resolution, and worldwide digital terrain models. SPOT 5 joins a constellation of SPOT satellites capable of providing daily geospatial coverage of any location on Earth. 

Global Mapping Innovations�. from SPOT!


Graphic files (.jpg) showing sample SPOT imagery to support this story are contained at the following url addresses which can be accessed with web browsers.

The jpg files show the following graphics:

1.      Natural color 10 meter resolution SPOT imagery in 3D of the Skopje, Macedonia area

2.      Natural color 10 meter resolution SPOT imagery in 3D of the Pristina area, with airport in the foreground.

3.      Map frames of Kosovo/Macedonia area covered by SPOT DPTD database for U.S. Army. 

These images are copyrighted and are to be used as graphic support for editorial coverage of this story only, and may not be reproduced for any other purpose without permission from SPOT Image Corporation  (703 715 3100). 

SPOT Satellite Imagery: �CNES 2001