29 January 2001

Source: http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/technology/nima_imagelinks_000531.html

Free Software Translates Satellite Data Into Detailed Maps
By Dan Sorid, 01 June 2000

"It sounds like a joke -- a U.S. intelligence agency relying on software that can be downloaded for free on the internet to turn complicated data from spy satellites into detailed maps.

But a remarkable collaboration between the government, private industry and academia may lead to just that: downloadable satellite-image processing software called OSSIM, or Open Source Software Image Map."

Source: http://ossim.org/

OSSIM - Open Source Software Image Map

OSRS's OSSIM (Open Source Software Image Map) project. Pronounced "awesome", the OSSIM project leverages existing open source algorithms, tools, and packages to construct an integrated tool for remote sensing, image-processing, and Geographical Information Sciences (GIS) analysis. To ensure an open, participatory design and implementation process, OSRS members disseminate all communication about code development via the OSSIM mailing list. New and altered code resides on the OSRS CVS repository where OSRS members can access it..

This page discusses the history and projected evolution of OSSIM. It also contains the links you need to access OSSIM executable and source code, documentation, and information about related projects.