24 November 2001



SPOT Image provides Earth observation products for such diverse applications as agriculture, cartography, cadastral mapping, environmental studies, urban planning, telecommunications, surveillance, forestry, land use/land cover mapping, natural hazard assessments, flood risk management, oil and gas exploration, geology and civil engineering. SPOT Image is the world's leading supplier of geographic information from optical and Earth observation satellites, compatible with all image processing and GIS systems. Its range of products include geocoded and orthocorrected images, DEMs, and land classification datasets.

USA Select: Critical Mapping for Homeland Security

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USA Select, the most detailed and current image mosaic of the U.S., provides a common operating picture to support Homeland Security and the 120 Cities  projects. 

Based on USGS National Map Standards, this digital reference base map allows for 1) analysis on a national, regional and urban level; 2) co-registration of vectors, digital elevation models, and high resolution inserts.  USA Select is created from current SPOT (10 meter panchromatic) and Landsat 7 (multispectral) imagery, merged into a true color seamless mosaic in GeoTIFF, CIB, or any other format needed. 

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For JPG Samples and Additional Information, click below:

 Pennsylvania                                 Frost and Sullivan Report

 San Diego                                     Product Specifications

 Texas/Mexico Border  


For GeoTiff Full Resolution Samples, click below:

1.      10 meter natural color image of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -- overview of mixed landcover and transition between urban, mountainous, and rural agricultural areas.

2.      10 meter natural color  image of San Diego, California -- urban and coastal features, U.S./Mexico border area.

3.      10 meter natural color image of Jackson, Mississippi  airport, transportation infrastructure, farmland, hydrologic features

4.      10 meter panchromatic image of the Texas/Mexico border along the Rio Grande


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