30 January 2002



Department of the Navy
Navy Research Lab
Virtual Reality Lab
Information Technology Division

Research Project:
Visualization of Underwater Acoustics

This project is funded by the Office of Naval Research. For more information, please contact Rob King or Larry Rosenblum.

Technical Objective
The technical objective is to develop effective hydro-acoustic data visualization techniques for use in an anti-submarine warfare system.

This project is a collaboration with the Naval Undersea Warfare Command.

Operational Motivation
The objective of this project is to design, develop, and assess 3-D visualization as an aid for the anti-submarine warfare decision maker to: (1) rapidly assimilate the battlespace, (2) understand the problem uncertainty and develop more accurate solutions, and (3) acquire new insights into the battlespace. The visualization will be assessed in a tactically relevant problem domain (shallow water passive localization) that includes a complex acoustic environment, measurement error and uncertainty, complex acoustic coverage, and data latency.

Project Overview
Here are a few slides showing some example visualization techniques and visualization environments.


  Hydro Acoustic Data Visualization

1 Visualization Techniques (64KB)

Semi-transparent surfaces
Sonar Rays
Bubble Visualization
Terrain Visualization

2 Avoiding Information Overload (49KB)

We are designing a system that avoids information overload by showing only the relevant information at a given time.

3 Rapid Prototyping of Virtual Environments (63KB)

Workbench / Grotto

4 VR Visualization Environments (50KB)

Grotto / Workbench