6 December 2001



First Announcement and Call for Papers
Third International Symposium


June 11-13, 2002, Istanbul Turkey

Symposium Topics
This international symposium primarily focuses on:

New Observation Sensors (Systems) for Urban Monitoring
High Spatial Resolution Satellite Sensor Data for Urban Applications
Digital Photogrammetric Applications in Urban Areas
Monitoring Urban Growth (Trend Analysis, Change Detection)
Differentiation of the Inner Parts of Cities
Creating Urban Digital Elevation Models
GIS/GPS Technology for Urban Applications
Urban Management Systems
Hydrological/Geological Assessment of Urban Areas
Meteorological/Ecological Assessment of Urban Areas
National and International Projects Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Ecological (Urban) Risk Analysis in Urban Areas Using Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing and GIS for Historical/Archeological Applications
Rural Applications (Natural Resource Management Systems)
Using Remote Sensing and GIS for Sustainable Urban Development
Digital/Virtual City Models and GIS Based Traffic Management
Radar Remote sensing of Urban Areas
Thermal Infrared Remote sensing of Urban Areas
Remote sensing of Urban Vegetation
Remote Sensing of Contaminated Land in Urban Areas