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20 April 2007

Date:	Fri, 20 Apr 2007 04:38:02 -0400
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From:	"James M. Atkinson" <jmatk[at]tscm.com>
Subject: Ships that don't float, and secret communications systems that
  are not secure

As a few of you know, I was engaged as an independent expert witness 
in a subject matter in which I have a considerable about of 
expertise. I donated many hundreds of hours pouring over huge numbers 
of documents and was able to prove that the Coast Guard screwed up 
bad, and I means really bad, and that Lockheed Martin was (shall we 
say, extraordinarily evasive). Bottom line, the Coast Guard was 
asleep, they screwed up big time, the contractor knew they were 
asleep, so they proceeded to rape the Coast Guard... A whistleblower 
at Lockheed came forward (no, it wasn't me), the DHS-OIG investigated 
and found nothing, the DOJ investigated and uh... let just say that 
we will hear more about that later. Anyway, I figured out who they 
were pulling off the scam, and wrote a report, and then the report 
came out early this week (for the hearing mid week) the Coast Guard 
does an "oh-sh*t... we have been caught" and starts scrambling to do 
something ... anything between last week and the hearing date to show 
they are trying to be proactive (hence then announcing that they just 
cancelled the Lockheed Contract).  Lockheed on the other hand is 
screwed, and screwed bad. During the hearing they (as a company, and 
four of their senior executives) got caught dead committing perjury ... 
and I mean they got caught dead.

I have been given full blessings by Congress to publish any of the 
following, and I was in fact told (by the Committee) that I should 
disseminate this report and resulting hearing transcripts as we have 
open government in this county, and screw ups of this magnitude need 
to be brought to the public's attention so that the matter can be 
corrected with all due oversight.

I would note that there are several strange numbers in the report, 
this is because the CG was playing games with the paperwork, and they 
would send three copies of the same document, but with two different 
set of numbers. It wasn't until after the written report came out that 
the "huge amount of really ugly truth" came out, and was presented in 
the oral testimony.  All I could do was take the numbers they gave up, 
and put them in the report,

Ohhh.... this is a ugly, scathing, nasty, nasty report.

Also, time was at a premium, I donated all my time, and refused to 
take a dime for anything, and only asked that they cover my travel 
and hotel. So if you see a typo, or you don't like the formatting, 
just remember that I may not have the finest of writing skills, my 
grammar may suck, and I may be a bit of an abrasive jerk at times, but 
I have my country's best interests at heart and I will defend her to 
my last breath. It didn't help that the Coast Guard was fighting 
tooth and nail every step along the way, and it was an uphill battle 
to get even the slightest amount of information, and then came to 
find out they knew they screwed up, and were obstructing a 
Congressional Investigation... Congress is wicked pissed over this right now.

You will probably want to be sitting down when you read the 
report.... it is an ugly truth to be told.

During the hearing (I will post the transcript later) the Coast Guard 
basically said that they have no COMSEC, no TSCM, no TEMPEST 
protection, and that the ships don't float, and that they have been 
leaking  classified information all over the place. My initial report 
was like 2000+ pages, but we had to pare it down to it current size 
to make it easier to distribute.

Read from page 1 to page 39 to get a good summary, but the 
transcripts of the oral testimony went on for over 8 hours (likely 
1000's pages of really ugly stuff, but ugly stuff that we need to 
know about), and we came within two minutes of setting a 
Congressional record for the length of a hearing (I was in the 
hearing until 11:30 PM, argh).

Take a look at the following links:



There is a second and third set of documents that I will post in a few days.

It is interesting reading, and most of you will love the technical 
stuff in the first 15 pages.

When I gave my testimony, it was some seriously intense hell-fire, 
brimstone, Old Testament kind of stuff.


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