21 May 2006

A writes:

Could you consider posting this?

It is a list of closed Inspector General Investigations through 2004.

Anyone can ask for a copy of any of the final investigation reports simply by citing the title and date the investigation was closed and writing to:

Central Intelligence Agency
Scott A. Koch
Information and Privacy Coordinator
Washington, D.C. 20505

Washington, D. C. 20505

22 December 2005

Mr. A
Reference: F-2004-02161

Dear Mr. A:

This is a final response to your 20 August 2004 Free Act (FOIA) request for "a list of the [IG] investigations January 1, 2003 to the present." Your request was processed in accordance with the FOIA, 5 U.S.C. § 552, as amended, and the CIA Information Act, 50 U.S.C. § 431. Our processing included a search for records as described in our acceptance letter existing through the date of that letter, 5 October 2004.

We completed a thorough search for records respons and located the enclosed document (MORI 1275593), that can be released in segregable form with deletions made on the basis of FOIA exemptions (b))1), (b)(2), (b)(3) and (b)(6). An explanation of exemptions is also enclosed.

You have the right to appeal these decisions by addressing your appeal to the Agency Release Panel within 45 days from the date of this letter, in my care. Should you choose to do this, please explain the basis of your appeal.



Scott Koch
Information and Privacy Coordinator


[Explanantion of Exemptions, 1 page, omitted here.]

49-page list of Closed CIA IG Investigations 1997-2004 (MORI 1275593), "Approved for Release December 2005:"

http://cryptome.org/cia-ig.pdf (2.9MB)

The documents lists titles of about 2,300 closed investigations during the period, about half with titles redacted and only the date listed. Among the wide variety of items unredacted:

1. A large number for "suspected, possible or alleged time and attendance impropriety, illegality or fraud."

2. Use of database for personal business and profit.

3. Visa fraud.

4. Conflict of interest.

5. Lying to Congress -- Allegations.

6. Complaint about possible intelligence compromise.

7. Violations of law/regs/policies.

8. Bribery, illegal gratuity, false statement.

9. Allegations of biological experiments in Viet Nam.

10. Those listed in the FOIA request below.

CRYPTOME 251 WEST 89TH ST SUITE 6E NEW YORK NY 10024 212-873-8700


January 18, 2006

Mr. Scott Koch
Information and Privacy Coordinator
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC 20505

Dear Mr. Koch,

This is an FOIA request for copies of the CIA Inspector General final investigation reports listed in MORI DocID 1275593:


Deadly Force Incident in Iraq                                                             07/01/2004

Alleged Abuse by Iraqi Female Detainee                                           07/08/2004

Unauthorized Interrogation Techniques                                             04/12/2004

Weapons Shipment Incident                                                               09/30/2003

Alleged Failure to Timely Exploit Terrorist-Related Information     05/16/2003

Alleged Concealment of Terrorist Related Information                     09/25/2002

Concern of Possible Misuse of Information from NIE                       08/27/2002

Possible CI Problem                                                                           05/20/2002

Improper Disclosure of Sensitive Information                                   03/21/2002

Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information                           11/05/2001

Potential Compromise of Classified                                                   05/24/2001

Polygraph-Derived Admissions of Conversion                                  05/01/2001

Allegation of Misleading Congress                                                    11/17/2000

Unauthorized Retention of Classified Material                                  09/15/2000

Bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade                                  03/02/2000

Wrongful Death of Former CIA Officer                                            09/15/1999

Acquisitions, Use of Technical Equipment                                        05/19/1998

Technologies                                                                                      03/19/1998

Participation in Abusive Interrogation                                               11/28/1997

Thank you very much,

John Young
E-mail: jya@cryptome.net
Fax: 212-787-6102

The CIA answered this request on 8 February 2006, with a notification that a search for the records could cost up to $150 each, and "search fees are assessable even if no records are found or, if found, we determine they are not releasable." The search would not proceed until a commitment had been made to pay the fees. Cryptome has not proceeded with the request.