11 July 2006

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1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10125
Telephone (1) 212 903 9000
Facsimile (1) 212 903 9100
Direct Line 212-903-9132
Direct Fax 212-903-9100
Mr. John Young
251 West 89th Street
Apartment 6E
New York, NY 10024
By Hand July 11, 2006
Clearstream Banking S.A.


Dear Mr. Young,

We represent Clearstream Banking S.A. ("Clearstream"). It has come to our attention that your website (www.cryptome.org) is currently posting confidential and proprietary business information belonging to, and misappropriated from, Clearstream. We demand that you remove this information from your website, and from any related sites, immediately. If you fail to remove this material from your site by July 17, 2006, we will take all appropriate legal action.

The two relevant entries are accessible through the "Cryptout, Recent Listings" link located at the bottom of your homepage. The first is dated May 22, 2006 and titled "clearstream.htm" and the second is dated June 27, 2006 and titled "clearstream2002.htm." These documents are excel spreadsheets containing confidential customer information that was misappropriated from Clearstream.

In addition to removing the material from your site, Clearstream asks for your cooperation in determining who provided this information to you and/or posted it to your site.

We appreciate your cooperation. Please contact me at 212-903-9132 if you have any questions about this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Paul Hessler

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