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25 May 2008

This plant is located near the 6.0 earthquake of May 25, 2008.

World Wind image with USGS earthquake data.

Coordinates: 32.54773, 105.53024


The news report below refers to the threat caused by the 8.0 earthquake of May 12, 2008.

Downstream from the Bikou Reservoir there is another reservoir, Bailonghu, which is attached to the Baozhusi Hydropower Plant. This reservoir has the storage capacity of 2.2 billion cubic meters and the surface of its lake covers 80 square kilometers.

A reliable source told Caijing that the Baozhusi Hydropower Plant submitted an advisory notice to the county government of Ningqiang, Shaanxi Province on May 16. It suggested that no refugees be moved to places below an altitude of 583 meters, which might be the highest level that the water stored in the Bailonghu Dam could reach.

The rescue and relief operation headquarters of Guangyuan city immediately forwarded the letter to operational headquarters in Qingchuan as well as to other municipal administrations.

Baozhusi Hydropower Plant and Dam




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