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26 May 2007

Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 17:56:12 +0800
From: "movement organization" <movement.organization[at]>
To: cryptome[at]
Subject: John,please help us publish recruiting information, the following publish information

The China Mainland Democracy Movement Organization Recruit Political Friends !

1)Agreeing our mission;

2)There is foreign political background;

3)There is huge financial support or financing channel;

4)There is a sense of confidentiality;

5)can speak chinese ,english,etc.

We are from Beijing in China Mainland,Group was established in January 1, 2006.

Now we have 4,700 members in Beijing, and continue to expand.we are recruiting

outstanding members in Tianjin,Our HQ is in Beijing, Tianjin
branch,due to a lack

of political fund, not to establish branches in other cities. 90% of
our members have

graduated from university. 2000 part-time members are in Beijing. The
total number

of more than 6,500 people.Our members work in various fields in
Beijing. Our founder

is at Beijing University.

Our mission:

#  Fighting corruption

#  Establishing a Renmin army

#  Promoting human rights in China Mainland

#  Promoting the independence of the judiciary in China Mainland

#  Promoting the people directly involved in election

#  Establishing Continental Renmin Party

#  Promoting the mainland's army to state

#  Establishing two Parties democratic election system and the
abolition of one-party rule

However, we are now very weak and needs overseas friends support .We
need more political

weapons and more political fund.We are very clear,only relying on
promoting democratic

system is impossible to achieve democratic we must have own
army,logistics support,

political fund,etc. Request political friends support us and meet with
us in Beijing.

Please do not attack us through the network Mailbox,if friends can
speak chinese,we can talk

and meet in Beijing. please oversea friends do not test us,we are true
and sincere,if oversea

friends want to know our group ,please meet with us in Beijing ,we are
willing to provide more

information,welcome to Beijing.

Hoped oversea friends to trust and help our group, support democracy
movement organization!

we have Beijing's resources, can know all the information and
political resources,but do not

have international arena resources,please do not test our
patience,patience is a most important

quality,however,Dare not meet the people, must not assume any of the
important tasks.hoped to

meet and help our organization in Beijing.please help to publish
recruiting information.

Thank you very much for 1701,1702,1703,1704,1705,agency etc.

We are looking forward to your support quickly !

Regards & Thanks,

Mail:  movement.organization[at]

The China Mainland Democracy Movement Organization