24 October 2001: Thanks to OB:

These should be the two documents you were unable to retrieve from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's web site. Both are still available on the Canadian Department of Justice site.

'General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations'


Cryptome mirror:


'Nuclear Security Regulations'


Cryptome mirror:


23 October 2001. Thanks to Anonymous.

See related 22 October 2001 report, "Federal officials censor sensitive Web sites," in The Globe and Mail: http://www.globeandmail.com/


The documents contained herein were retrieved from Google's cache on October 23, 2001. These are some of the files that were censored on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's website. The entire website was pulled for a while, it is now back up but some files, including these, are no longer available.

In order to make them easier(?) for you to handle, I have merged them all into this html file. I have added an index at the top with anchor links to each document, each document's original url and rules to separate one document from the next. I removed the Google header from each page. Some of the formatting may be off, this is because the files were originally in PDF format and Google performs an automated transformation of the file into a basic html text file before storing them. Tables in the documents are corrupted, figures are missing. I also removed several thousand blank lines to help keep the file size down. Otherwise they are as found. They are ordered simply by document number.

I was unable to retrieve the following two documents: [see above]
- General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca/pubs_catalogue/uploads/sor202.pdf
- Nuclear Security Regulations http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca/pubs_catalogue/uploads/sor209.pdf
they are listed on this page of the CNSC site: http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca/eng/licensees/proposed_regulations.htm.


C-091 Ascertaining and Recording Radiation Doses to Individuals

C-099 Reporting Requirements For Operating Nuclear Power Plants

C-147 Radiobioassay Protocols for Responding to Abnormal Intakes of Radionuclides

C-200 Radiation Safety Training For Radioisotope, Medical Accelerator And Transportation Workers

C-204 Certification of Persons Working at Nuclear Power Plants

C-205 Access Control for Protected and Inner Areas of Nuclear Facilities

C-208 Transport Security for Category I, II and III Nuclear Material

C-210 Maintenance Programs for Nuclear Power Plants

C-218 (E) Preparing Codes Of Practice To Control Radiation Doses At Uranium Mines And Mills

C-221 A Guide to Ventilation Requirements for Uranium Mines and Mills

C-273 (E) Making, Reviewing And Receiving Orders Under The Nuclear Safety And Control Act

C-274 Preparing a Security Report for Licence Applications

C-276 Human Factors Engineering Program Plans

C-278 Guide to Human Factors Verification and Validation Plans

G-149 Computer Programs Used in Design and Safety Analyses of Nuclear Power Plants and Research Reactors

G-225 Emergency Planning at Class I Nuclear Facilities and Uranium Mines and Mills

G-228 Developing and Using Action Levels

P-119 Policy on Human Factors


Zipped file of the collection: http://cryptome.org/cnsc-docs.zip (221KB)