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3 March 2000
Source: Hardcopy from anonymous.

Confirmations, supplements or rebuttals welcomed: cylk@cryptome.org

[3 pages, no date, no author]

Cylink Corporation has made encryption security products for networking, for over 16 years. Those products are built by foreign nationals and used by businesses, banks and governments around the world, including in the United States. Cylink has managed to export product without United States restriction, including to embargoed nations.

1. NASDAQ Ticker: CYLK

2. Pittway Corporation funded Cylink. The Harris family holds majority control in Pittway Corporation.

3. Cylink began as a partnership founded in 1984.

4. Cylink incorporated in 1989.

5. Cylink makes high grade encryption products and sold the products to organized crime.

6. Cylink was managed by Dr. Jimmy K. Omura, Louis Morris, Robert Fougner and Dr. Leo Guthart. Dr. Leo Guthart is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pittway Corporation.

7. Dr. Jimmy K. Omura has received several awards from the Director of the National Security Agency over the years.

8. Cylink enters into a number of contracts with the United States government to develop high grade encryption products.

9. Robert Fougner was Louis Morris's personal attorney, and manages Cylink's export licensing.

10. In the early 1990's, Dr. Jimmy K. Omura (Chief Technology Officer), Louis Morris (Chief Executive Officer) and Robert Fougner (Cylink attorney) created a joint venture with an engineering company based in Armenia named Hylink.

11. The senior Hylink executive is a ranking KGB officer named (General?) Gurgen Khchatrian.

12. The KGB trained field officer reporting to Khchatrian is named (Colonel?) Gaigic Evoyan. Evoyan travels to Cylink frequently. Evoyan travels with his own bodyguards. The FBI monitored Evoyan' s movements when he was traveling to Cylink.

13. The Russians travel into the United States under Armenian passports as Hylink engineers and wives.

14. The Hylink engineers enter the United States on business visas. Robert Fougner arranges to pay the engineers salary and all expenses in cash while the Hylink engineers are working at Cylink.

15. The Hylink engineers and their wives have unrestricted access to all Cylink facilities and encryption software source code and design information.

16. The Hylink engineers and Cylink develop and Cylink sells encryption products to various US Government departments including the United States Department of Defense and the Department of Justice.

17. Cylink sold their encryption products into United States banks and the United States Federal Reserve funds transfer system ("FedNet").

18. The Cylink engineering team and the Hylink engineers reported to the Cylink engineering Vice-president Leslie Nightingale. The engineers developed cryptography based networking product for the equivalent of the Federal Reserve funds transfer system in Europe, which is called S.W.I.F.T.

19. Cylink has exported high grade computers and encryption source code to Lebanon without being required to use United States export licenses arranged by Cylink.

20. Cylink has exported high grade encryption products to Iran, Iraq, Turkey and into several African nations.

21. Cylink has transferred high grade cryptography source code including its RSA source code to Hylink in Armenia. RSA encryption is the most secure cryptographic code available in the world at the time.

22. Some Hylink engineers brought into the United States to work in Cylink engineering are: Ashot Andreasyan, Nubarova Melik, Andre Melkoumian, Galina Melkoumian, Leonid Milenkiy, Mihran Mkrtchian, Elizabeth Mkrtchian, Karen Zelenko.

23. Cylink became a publicly traded company (CYLK) m 1996.

24. Pittway Corporation maintained sixty percent controlling stock in Cylink.

25 Founding CEO Louis Morris suffered a health problem and retired from Cylink.

26. Fernand Sarrat was recruited from IBM to replace Morris as CEO.

27. Fernand Sarrat and other select employees such as Dr. Jimmy K. Omura, John Kalb, and John Marchioni traveled to France, Belgium and Israel for a series of meetings.

28. Cylink purchased Algorithmic Research Limited, a small company in Israel selling encryption product outside of the United States.

29. The Director of the National Security Agency, federal prosecutors and several United States law enforcement agencies met in California to discuss Cylink. A two day meeting in 1997 took place in mid August.

30. Retired Secretary of Defense Perry joined the Cylink Board of Directors.

31. National Security Agency deputy director William Crowell joined Cylink in a marketing role.

32. High grade encryption products continued to be shipped outside of the United States by Cylink without export licenses.

33. Dr. Jimmy K. Omura left Cylink when Cylink sold its wireless products division to PCOM in Campbell, California.

34. A United States law enforcement agency seizes a multi-million dollar Cylink transshipment of high grade encryption products destined to the nation of Iran through the UAE. The criminal investigation against Cylink is put on hold.

35. Fernand Sarrat and the Cylink chief financial officer John Daws are implicated internally in a revenue accounting fraud with the vice president of sales, and terminated from Cylink employment.

36. William Crowell becomes CEO of Cylink.

37. President Clinton appoints Cylink CEO William Crowell to a special committee on encryption. William Crowell releases publicity statements on new recommendations about United States encryption policy and certain export regulations are relaxed, waiving Cylink's earlier export violations.

38. Honeywell purchased Pittway Corporation.

39. How is Cylink able to use foreign nationals to build security product for use within United States Government agencies and departments?

40. How is Cylink able to freely export security product, and other encryption companies were punished?

41. Which United States agency recruited Cylink to work with the KGB trained personnel in Armenia?

42. Which United States agency used Cylink product to listen to United States banking and funds transfers?

43. Which United States agency arranges for the legal protection of Cylink from investigation and prosecution?

44. What United States government agency provided Dr. Jimmy K. Omura and Louis Morris immunity from prosecution?

45. How is Robert Fougner able to stay at Cylink and avoid legal prosecution?

46. Is Cylink the National Security Agency's model business, or another Central Intelligence Agency business operating illegally inside United States borders?


Congressman Dan Burton
Congressman John McCain
Congressman Orrin Hatch
Congressman Tom Campbell
Embassy of Switzerland
Embassy of the Russian Chancery
French Trade Commission
James Bidzos
John X. Miller
Rush Limbaugh
Steve Kroft

To: William Crowell <wcrowell@cylink.com>
From: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
Date: 3 March 2000
Subject: Cylink Doc

William Crowell
President & CEO

Dear Bill,

A provocative document on Cylink has been put on Cryptome today:


Cylink's response would be a welcome addition.


John Young
Tel: 212-873-8700

9 March 2000
Source: E-mail.




TELEPHONE (415) 268-7000
TELEFACSIMILE (415) 268-7522

March 9, 2000


Writer's Direct Contact
(415) 268-7202

By Facsimile (212-799-4003)
and E-mail (jy@jya.com, jya@pipeline.com)

Mr. John Young
New York, NY

Re: March 3, 2000 Defamatory Website Publication

Dear Mr. Young,

This law firm represents Cylink Corporation and certain of the individuals mentioned in the anonymously authored posting you published on your website on March 3, 2000. In an e-mail to Cylink's CEO, you invited a response. This letter is that response.

We see no reason to comment on the unsubstantiated, unsourced, unsigned and libelous allegations posted by you on your website. We assume you are aware that by electing to publish these comments on your site, you have made yourself legally responsible for their actionable content. We also note this is not the first time you have libeled Cylink, its officers and directors.

My clients reserve all of their rights and remedies with respect to their claims against you, your site, your partners and all those who participated in this posting. This applies to any further posts you choose to publish concerning Cylink or its officers or directors. In the meantime, please refrain from any further communication with our clients.

No reply to this notice is requested or required.

Very truly yours,


Linda E. Shostak, Esq.


From: "Gilbert, Richard I." <RGilbert@mofo.com>
To: "'jy@jya.com'" <jy@jya.com>,
"'jya@pipeline.com'" <jya@pipeline.com>
Subject: Cylink
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 08:57:47 -0800

Attached please find the letter you received today via fax.  Call with any questions.

<<Young letter.zip>>

Richard Gilbert
Morrison & Foerster, LLP
(415) 268-7565
FAX: (415) 276-7565


This message contains information which may be confidential and privileged.
Unless you are the addressee (or authorized to receive for the addressee),
you may not use, copy or disclose to anyone the message or any information
contained in the message.  If you have received the message in error, please
advise the sender by reply e-mail @mofo.com, and delete the message.
Thank you very much.


[] Young letter1.zip

Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 19:03:58 -0500
To: "Gilbert, Richard I." <RGilbert@mofo.com>
From: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
Subject: Re: Cylink
Cc: lshostak@mofo.com, wcrowell@cylink.com


Got the mofo file opened properly and have received the fax. And put Cylink's response with the original file on our web site.

Thanks for your transmission protocol help.

We hope to communicate with Mr. Crowell in the future, for he's always been a congenial respondent. True, those occasions have not been about Cylink but swell stuff of state, wherein Mr. Crowell is sterling.



10 March 2000
Source: Yahoo BBS on CYLK. This message appears to have been deleted by Yahoo.

CYLK (Cylink Corporation)
Message Boards : CYLK
Cylink on Cryptome
by: jyawhoo
3/10/00 7:19 am
Msg: 3243 of 3243
Cylink has responded to the anonymous message on Cryptome. The response has been added to the original message:


Messages to CYLK board are always informative, in particular those from current and former Cylinkers. Cryptome welcomes contributions on Cylink or any other crypto-related topic -- the industry is booming after too many years of being kept in the closet. Yes, Cryptome invites anonymous contributions, even encrypted if you want to boost the industry. For our PK see: http://jya.com/jy-k.htm or the key servers.

Use crypto and encourage others to do so, and watch out for keyboard sniffers, TEMPEST threats, and lots of other national security tools coming to market in a flood to pry into your privacy.

John Young

 Posted as a reply to: Msg 3242 by digital_pimp_of_bill_gates  


7 April 2000

[Received by mail 3 April 2000, one page of text and one page image of two Hylink business cards in Cyrillic.]

John Young
New York, NY

31 March 2000

Khatchatrian and his direct report are genuine KGB from old school.

It is obvious your NSA arranged joint venture with Cylink and Hylink groups for years. Your NSA thought they could trust Americans at Cylink. NSA people thought they could manage the operation. NSA lost control to KGB to benefit themselves and Russian Mafia friends. No one and Cylink lawyers denied statements made by first anonymous sender.

Sending strong encryption source code between America and Armenia with no Americans in real control is done with bribes and secret agreement with state security. Baksheesh and state security make good partners even in America. Who was fox and who was hound? Someone ask your attorney general in Washington.


[English translation of cards below.]

Network Associates Whois shows:

For: arminco.com

Armenian Internet Company (ARMINCO-DOM)
   PO Box 10
   Yerevan  375009

   Domain Name: ARMINCO.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Dadivanyan, Hrant  (HD297)  ran@STYX.AIC.NET
      Arminco Limited
      PO Box 10

      +374 2 281425 (FAX) +374 2 285082
   Billing Contact:
      Dadivanyan, Hrant  (HD297)  ran@STYX.AIC.NET
      Arminco Limited
      PO Box 10

      +374 2 281425 (FAX) +374 2 285082

   Record last updated on 20-Jan-2000.
   Record created on 03-Jun-1994.
   Database last updated on 7-Apr-2000 14:12:14 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


For: sovam.com

Sovam Teleport (SOVAM-DOM)
   2A Nezhdanova st
   Moscow, Russia 109003

   Domain Name: SOVAM.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      Andrei, Kolesnikov  (KA41)  andrei@SOVAM.COM
      2A Nezhdanova St.
      103009 Moscow

      +7 095 258 4170
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Semenyuk, Igor  (IS13)  iga@SOVAM.COM
      Sovam Teleport
      Krasnokzaramennaya St., 12

      +7 095 258 4170

   Record last updated on 22-Mar-2000.
   Record created on 22-Jan-1993.
   Database last updated on 7-Apr-2000 14:14:47 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


To: hylink@arminco.com, hymos@sovam.com
From: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
Date: 7 April 2000
Subject: Hylink Inquiry

Dear Hylink and Hymos,

We have received an anonymous letter which included copies of business cards with your E-mail addresses. A copy of the letter and cards is on the Internet at:


We would be grateful if you could tell whether the cards are authentic. Your response to the letter would also be most welcome.

Thank you very much,

John Young

To:	jya@pipeline.com
From:	The Post Office <postmaster@online.ru>
Sender:	mailer-daemon@online.ru
Subject: Delivery reports about your email [FAILED(1)]

  <local hymos@online.ru hymos@online.ru 60001>: user "hymos" doesn't exist

[Snip balance]

8 April 2000

[By E-mail] Thanks to Dominick LaTrappe <seraf@2600.com>

For Hylink Web site, products and services:

Image (C) Copyright 1999 Hymos


There is support on the Internet for the authenticity of the Hylink business card you received, containing the address <hylink@arminco.com>.

(a) An online directory of "E-mail addresses of people who work in discrete mathematics, information theory and cryptography" lists Gurgen H. Khachatrian's E-mail as <hylink@arminco.com> or <gurgen@forof.sci.am>.  The "sci.am" domain is the Armenian Academy of Sciences.  Khachatrian is a well known cryptologist and Cylink employee, affiliated with the Armenian Academy of Sciences, best-known now for his role as co-designer of SAFER+ for Cylink. See:


(b) The International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI) lists among its members Prof. Ruben T. Djezbashian.  No academic or other affiliation is listed, however his country is listed as ARMENIA and his E-mail as <hylink@arminco.com>. See:


You could also CC alleged Hylink employee Mihran Mkrtchian on the whole Cylink issue. His email is Mihran Mkrtchian <mihranm@CYLINK.COM>, as his posts to the Winsock 2 mailing list reveal.


This too, from Network Solutions:

Mkrtchian, Mihran (MM26629)             mihran@USA.NET
   Mihran Mkrtchian
   1167 Topaz Ave
   San Jose, CA 95117
   408 557 8419
   Record last updated on 17-Aug-1999.
   Database last updated on 10-Mar-2000 13:46:10 EST.

I did a little cross-referencing work [see names in original letter].

Mihran Mkrtchian     
Eliza Mkrtchian     
San Jose, CA 95117     

Galina Melkoumian     
Andranik Melkoumian
Sunnyvale, CA 94086   

Karen Zelenko    
Sunnyvale, CA 94086   

[By E-mail] 9 April 2000. Thanks to anonymous.

This is the business cards translation you're looking for --

(card #1 - left)

Hylink Joint Venture
Gurgen Gaikovitch
Dr. Sci, Professor
Scientfic Manager
24-a Marshala Bagramyana Prospekt,
Yerevan 375019 Armenian Republic
Phone (8+8852) 27-3418
Fax/Phone (8+8852) 52-1664
E-mail hylink@arminco.com

Note - to actually dial this number you need to put 011 7  instead of "8+" on the card. 8-dialtone is the standard Russian access to the long distance code.

(card #2 - right)

Hylink Limited Liability Company Joint Venture
Gagik Ashkharbekovich
Director general
24 Berezhkovskaya Emb., office #518
Moscow 121857 Russia
Phone (8+095) 240-3161
Fax/tel (8095) 240-2516
E-mail hymos@sovam.com

Sovam.com is a large (one in top 3 in Moscow) Internet providers. There's nothing to fish in there.

Hylink Limited Liability Company is officially registered in Moscow. Corporate registry Nr MRP 750373. Mr Evoayn G.A. is listed as a director. Incorporated  26/10/1993; the name change (technical, from AOZT Hylink to ZAO Highlink) happened on 1 July 1996. One of the owners (another is not listed) is Ginosian Yuri Aleksandrovich, residing in Moscow with passport issued in Yerevan in November 1979.

One corporate parent (partner with Ginosian and an unnamed person) is Joint Armenian-US company Hylink, 24-a Marshala Bagramiana Pr, Yerevan 375019, Armenia. (Note that the addresses match).

[By E-mail] 9 April 2000. Thanks to D.

You asked for a translation...  A friend of mine pointed me to the page, knowing that I speak Russian.  I'm doing a literal translation here (esp. in the first guy's title, since I don't know what U.S. equivalents of those things are).  I also translated "drive" and "pier" (obviously).

Someone who is skilled in business-related translation may be of more use to you here.

Anyway. Nothing particularly exciting, eh?


Ailink  joint venture
Guren Gaikovich
Doctor of Techn[olog]ical Sciences, Professor
Scientific Leader
Armenian Republic 375019, Erevan
Marshall Bagramyan Dr. 24"a"
Phone: (8+8852) 27-3418
Fax/telex: (8+8852) 52-1664
E-Mail: hylink@arminco.com

(I think "Doctor of Techn[olog]ical Sciences" is just an equivalent for "Ph.D.")

(I read "Scientific Leader" here to mean "Group/Project/? Lead" or something like that)


Ailink Investment firm (?) of closed type, joint venture
Gagik Ashkharbekovich
General Director
Russian Federation, 121857, Moscow
Berezkovskaya pier, 24, Office 518
Phone: (8+095) 240-3161
Fax/telex: (8+095) 240-2516
E-Mail: hymos@sovam.com

[By E-mail] 11 April 2000. Thanks to Anonymous.

1. Social. Gagik Evoyan has a brother -- Ararat Ashkharbekovich Evoyan -- VP in the Russian Diamonds Manufacturers' Association. Brother is a public person with his name in papers at least once a a month, long time affiliated with the diamonds business. Speculation is that Diamond Exporting for years used to be linked to KGB and its successor companies.

2. Moscow-based Hylink is selling the "spread spectrum data transmission equipment, currently by P-Com, formerly by Cylink (sample datasheet in English at http://www.aha.ru/~hymos/pmp.html  )

In 1997-1998-1999 they cleared through the customs between one and three UPS shipments marked as those wireless transmitters and parts EVERY MONTH. All those shipments in 1997-1998 came from Cylink with the address on customs declaration forms matching Cylink Sunnyvale address. Plenty of those declarations are listed in the Customs countrywide declarations database giving all details listed on the paper filed with the officials at the time of the clearance.