7 December 2003. More photos of the DHL aircraft damage:


6 December 2003. Add photo of A300 Airbus.

27 November 2003. Thanks to J.

Surface to Air Missile Hits DHL Cargo Jet

By Jim Garamone


WASHINGTON, Nov. 23, 2003 -- Baghdad International Airport was closed to all civilian traffic after a DHL cargo aircraft was hit by surface-to-air missiles Nov. 22, coalition officials said during a press conference today in Baghdad, Iraq. Coalition officials said the airport will continue to receive military flights, but flights by civilian aircraft carrying military supplies and humanitarian goods cannot use the facility. Kimmitt said the civilian DHL aircraft reported an emergency south of Baghdad and made an emergency landing. The three-member crew is safe, he said. The plane apparently was hit by a surface-to-air missile launched for an area south of the airport. There was extensive damage to the left wing of the aircraft, Kimmitt said. U.S. Air Force personnel are investigating the incident.

The location of the SAM hit is behind the fuselage. See photo and drawing below. Visible under the aircraft
nose there's a ladder going up to the aircraft's port-forward hatch. It's not clear if the concertina
fence was in place, and cut through by the plane, or erected to secure the craft; coiled wire and
fresh footprints, left foreground, may indicate a post-landing installation.


Capt Eclectic writes: "The mangled bit of mechanism is the outboard flap actuator."

Note that the engines in this photo are close-mounted to the wings, compared to the
pylon-mount of the DHL aircraft.


Between the time of this photo and the ones below the damaged area has been cleaned up: dangling wire and ragged upper edges have been removed as well as the de-skinned tail of the flap actuator.