17 March 2002. Thanks to Anonymous.

This is one of about 140 leaked files on Codex Data Systems products for covert surveillance and spying. A principal Codex product is DIRT, a covert trojan horse program. For more on DIRT: http://cryptome.org/dirt-guide.htm

For reader feedback and caution on the DIRT program release: http://cryptome.org/dirt-feedback.htm

The leaked files did not include the HOPE program described below.

Considering the vile reputation of Codex Data Systems, headed by a convicted ex-cop, it is worth pondering whether any of the leaked Codex material contains code which reports back to Codex what is happening to the material and what machine is being used. Among its nasty snooping products, Codex markets BAIT and HOPE which plant such tracking and user-identification code in documents. DIRT, BAIT and HOPE report to a designated party information on targets gathered by the programs. As described for HOPE below, Codex proposes that its programs can be used to set up "dangles," that is, alluring bait to ensnare targets whose access to and use of the dangles are logged and reported back to the dangler. These are standard dirty-tricks and traps in the world of intelligence and covert surveillance.

Cryptome was assured by the dirty-tricks-knowledgeable source of the Codex material that it had been carefully checked for covert hooks and code and none was found. However, users should beware that criminal products by Codex are treacherous and could double-cross. Development of protection against treachery and double-cross of seemingly benign and covertly criminal products, not only from Codex, is the purpose of releasing the Codex material.

Original file: http://cryptome.org/hope.ppt (560KB)

[12 slides.]

Codex Data Systems
The Computer Surveillance


Harnessing the
Omnipotent Power
of the Electron

What is H.O.P.E.TM?

H.O.P.E.TM is a system to mass
D.I.R.T.TM technology via the
internet through a variety of
surreptitious means.

H.O.P.E.TM is available to those
agencies with a D.I.R.T.TM software site

How does
H.O.P.E.TM work?

When a target PC visits a H.O.P.E.TM Server,
a D.I.R.T.TM "Bug" is automatically generated
and transmitted by stealth to the target PC.

The "Bug's" unique tracking coded ID allows
target's identity and location to be traced

Each new "Bug" will have its own unique ID.
As the original file is passed around,
H.O.P.E.TM logs the chain of possession.

Various applications for H.O.P.E.TM

H.O.PE. Server
Mass distribution of D.I.R.T. "Bug"
Trojan Horse Site

Possible Military Apps
Dangle Operations

Law Enforcement
Intelligence Gathering

Network Administration


Target Select Groups

Employee Monitoring

Intelligence Gathering

Organized Crime

Remote Office Monitoring



Counter Espionage

In-House Security

Money Laundering

In-House Security

Pedophile/Child Pornography

In-House Security

H.O.P.E.TM Self Propagating Files

Visitor downloads a file from a H.O.P.E.TM server.
One D.I.R.T.TM "Bug" is automatically generated
and hidden into the downloaded file ...

When the file is opened and read the target PC is
infected. That same file will continue to infect
PC that is used to access the file if/when the
downloaded file is passed around.

Each new "Bug" will have its own unique ID. As
the original file is passed around, the chain of
will be logged.

Typical H.O.P.E.TM Intelligence
Gathering "Dangle"

H.O.P.E.TM Server is loaded and identified as
"U.S. Embassy Server" in foreign country.

Word is "leaked" to terrorist org that server
contain sensitive intelligence. Passwords
might be provided.

H.O.P.E.TM Server logs and identifies all visitors
to the server. D.I.R.T.TM "Bug" is generated with
its unique ID to all visitors to certain areas
and/or those who download files.


H.O.P.E. Server


Pedophiles/Child Porn


Dangles II

H.O.P.E. Server




Dangles III

H.O.P.E. Server

Biological Threats

Economic Espionage

Software Piracy

More "Dangles"

Informant Files

Test Results

Personnel Files

Secret Formulas

Weapons Caches

Marketing Strategies

Case Information

Troop Positions

Travel Plans

Military Strengths

Financial Records

Sales Prospects

Business Plans

Contract Bids

Design Information

Commo Codes

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Codex Data Systems
The Computer Surveillance